Parish Council agenda



Becmead Shotesham St Mary NR15 1UJ     01508550358

Wednesday 8th of May 2019.

To all members of the Parish Council

You are hereby summoned to attend the Annual Parish Meeting and The Annual General Meeting of Shotesham Parish Council to be held in the Trinity on Tuesday 14th of May at 7.30pm …for the purpose of transacting the following business.

 Jeff Gough, The Clerk


                   Agenda for the Annual Parish Meeting….7.30pm


The Chairman Heather Jackson welcomes parishioners to the Annual Parish Meeting

  1. To consider apologies for absence.
  2. Presentation of the Chairman’s Annual Report.
  3. Additional items of concern to Parishioners
  •  Ideas for the forthcoming year.

Meeting to close.


There will be a short break …                 




Agenda for the Annual General Meeting.

  1. To consider apologies for absence.
  2. Appointment of Officers.
  3. i) Appointment of Chairman

Person appointed Chairman signs the appropriate declaration form.


The Chairman takes office and chairs all further proceedings

  1. ii) Appointment of Vice Chairman

 Person appointed Vice Chairman signs the appropriate declaration form.

iii). Confirmation of

The Clerk as Finance Officer and Proper Officer.

The Tree Warden [Mr R Woollacott]

The Footpath Walker. [Mrs P Gould]

The Internal Auditor.  [ Mr R Harris.]

  1. Co-option to the vacancy.
  • Successful person, if present, signs the acceptance form and takes their place immediately.
  1. Any other matters.
  • Certificate of Exemption. To be signed Re the forthcoming audit.
  • Urgent matters of interest.

J K Gough  The Clerk