Conservation Group

The Conservation Group is an active group helping to look after some of the habitat in the village. This generally involves a fair amount of cutting and raking in various lovely places around the village.


There is no membership as such but we do keep a list of email addresses for all those people who have expressed an interest in joining in so we can invite them along to work sessions. It is a friendly and sociable group  (notice the happy smile above!)

The main sites we work on are listed below. We have what is grandly called a management plan for each site, describing what we are trying to do there and how we go about it. If you click on the site name it will (if in red) take you to the management plan.

We also hold evening meetings from time to time. We are closely linked to the Shotesham Gardeners group and hold some joint meetings.

If you are interested and would like to know more please contact Frank Mitchell ( group coordinator) using the contact form below or on 01508 558545

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