Shotesham wildlife photos

If you have wildlife photos taken in Shotesham which you would be happy to share on the website please let me (Frank on 558545 or email to know and we will add them below. Here are some great photos: The latest to be submitted is at the top. In all cases, click on the thumbnail to see the photo in full size.

Some colourful banded snails found by Nick Astbury at the village pond


Barn Owl hunting on the common.  Mike Fenn, August 2015

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Dragons and Damsels summer 2015,  Mike Fenn

3 views of a Blackbird family by Jeff Gough, June 2015

3-IMG_0860 2-IMG_0862 1-IMG_0865

Some Stubbs Green Meadow flowers by Frank Mitchell

The meadow in June is a spectacular display of Common Spotted Orchids but they are just one component of a brilliant traditional meadow. Here, as well as the orchids are some of the other flowers which go with the grasses to make the meadow. The Dog Rose is from the hedge of course but irresistible!

Some butterflies taken by Frank Mitchell

2-P1090521 1-P1090517

Giles from Poringland (Likes to take photos in Shotesham!)

Heather Jackson Aug 2014. 4 shots of Nuthatches at the feeder, one through a rainy window!

IMG_1071 IMG_1066 IMG_0960 IMG_0955

Mike Fenn ( Broad bodied chaser female dragonfly at the Tewson’s pond)


Dick Jeeves (Spotted Flycatcher series)

Spotted Flycatcher populations have crashed and we though we may have lost them from Shotesham, so this successful brood in Dick and Jan’s garden represent good news and hope for the future

Kathy Beeson

Dick Jeeves

Jeff Gough

Heather Jackson’s Hares