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Valentines Day and other photos, see below ♥️    Norwich Road closed again!    Police Covid update (bottom of page) & Poringland Local Plan review below

Ken Munro is the news editor. Please let him know about village news and events via Contact Us on the main menu or on 07880801674.

Yet another road closure – Norwich Road, Saxlingham, click here

VALENTINE’s DAY Thanks to all who put their ♥️s on their sleeves (or at least their gates, doors and windows) to bring some Valentines Day joy to Shotesham, and in particular to who started the idea….well done. Some photos below from our roving reporter…..

Hearts by various, photos by Judie

Parish Council Vacancy Update  – click here for details 

 Shotesham Parish Council with PCC and SVA – Well, as we walk around Shotesham, the chat is all about who’s had a 💉, and when we may be let out….not quite as soon as we would have wished! In the meantime though, don’t forget to give us a call if any assistance is required. Contacts are:-

Bob Harris.         550672.   hill.cottage@btinternet.com
Jeff Gough.        550358.   clerk.shotesham@outlook.com
Heather Jackson 550785.   heatherbelljackson@btinternet.com
Ken Munro         550736.   resotan@aol.com

Services available in or around the village.. some suppliers available for anyone not wishing to visit shops, click this link 

Important info from Norfolk Council
– please use this link to find how you can get some help over our COVID hit winter period www.norfolk.gov.uk/covidwintersupport 

Petty Theft – message from a neighbour – 
‘I can’t believe I am actually writing this, but someone has taken my mini greenhouse from my back garden! It’s of little value, only about 5 ft tall, a metal frame covered with transparent plastic with zip closure. It had a couple of bricks on the bottom rack to stop it from blowing away in the wind. It’s laughable really! They left the shelves, it’s not much use without them. I just thought people in the village should be aware and lock up your valuables.’

The DIARY – Click here

As COVID 19 restrictions continue, Norfolk Association of local Councils have provided info on help for people who are self isolating, details here and the latest Government guidance is available here

Walking in Shotesham – Still off, probably til end of March😩, but there’s a treat for those who walk High Ash Farm! Our very own Simon and Jo are now operating a Coffee Van at the top of the hill opposite Caistor Roman Camp.
In the meantime, here’s a reprise of our 2020’s walks, courtesy of Judie…… 


Winter Sunshine and new life (and walking) coming…

Photos by Judie

…and winter wildlife, courtesy of Tom Higgin

Wildlife Blog – you may be interested in visiting this blog by Shotesham resident Andy Musgrove….some fascinating creepy crawly things! http://andymuspsl.blogspot.com/

Other Information –

Even with the world wide crisis, some people are still looking to take advantage of any weaknesses. As always, please keep an eye out for any unusual activity, remember that if you spot anything suspicious the police can be contacted by phoning 101. 

SCAM AWARE! Due to the increasing occurrence of scams, we’ve decided to feature a log of examples on the site which will feature examples of things to avoid, and hopefully give a general of the types of scams that are out there. If you experience anything suspicious, please send evidence via email (Contact Us above) and we’ll add them to the list. Thanks for your help and, as always, don’t respond to anything you’re not sure of, and you can always look up the Scam Aware website or Google the company name (other search engines are available). REMEMBER, if it looks like a duck and sounds like a duck, it’s probably a DUCK! Click on the links for some examples – text msg – Email ProviderLetters promising $millions!!
To emphasise the extent of the SCAMMING problem,  click here  for an up to date message from our Community Police Engagement Officer, and advice from NLC on scam avoidance – see it here. Look out, other scams are available!! 

Community information….

Poringland Local Plan click here for update 

Hornsea Three Offshore Windfarm has been approved. This decision marks the culmination of over four years of project development, including extensive pre-application consultation with local stakeholders and statutory environmental bodies and a detailed examination, run by an independent Examining Authority,  info here.

Norfolk Local Councils’ Wellbeing Group have produced an excellent article on Carbon Footprints and some actions which can be taken, click here, and they have also provided a pamphlet of Finance Awareness and Scam avoidance – see it here 

Bin Collection Calendars – South Norfolk have discontinued sending out hard copies,  full info here

South Norfolk’s latest bulletin containing a lot of good advice can be found at their website here….too big to attach!.

Norfolk & Norwich University Hospital’s ‘Settle in Services’ are looking for dedicated volunteers who wish to give something back to their local community. Volunteers meet patients on their day of discharge from hospital to help settle them back in to their own environment. Click here for more information 

Rural Services NorfolkFebruary bulletin

South Norfolk older people’s forum, details here.

For assistance with power cuts, please click this link from UK Power Networks

Thinking Fuel – If you feel you may be paying too much for your oil, Community Action Norfolk (CAN) have a scheme that may assist. Click here to see how you might save and here to see how it works, or go directly to the CAN website for more details.

Our local police officer is PC 1151 Sherry Locke who now holds the position of Poringland Beat Manager, contact details for all our local officers – click here.

Local Police info –Covid Update 

News from Norfolk Police Commissioner –January Newsletter

Selected older news items are retained on the “News archive” page)