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A farewell message from David and Ali at The Globe.....    Mobile Library returns on Wed 14th Oct, details below    Conservation work at the Village Pond, see below for info

Ken Munro is the news editor. Please let him know about village news and events via Contact Us on the main menu or on 07880801674.

Shotesham Parish Council with PCC and SVA – Following some tentative lifting of lockdown restrictions, we now appear to moving slightly backwards and remain a long way from normality. The joint group continues to meet to continue our attempts, with the help of various volunteers, to ensure all Shotesham residents have their needs met during these difficult times. If anyone finds themselves in need of some assistance, please let one of us know.

Contacts are:-

Bob Harris.         550672.   hill.cottage@btinternet.com
Jeff Gough.        550358.   clerk.shotesham@outlook.com
Heather Jackson 550785.   heatherbelljackson@btinternet.com
Ken Munro         550736.   resotan@aol.com

The Mobile Library is back in operation, click here for more details.

The Globe – final week and a farewell message 😥 
David & Ali would like to thank all our patrons for their loyalty, friendship and invaluable custom over the past 15 years. We shall be leaving after our last day of trading on Sunday 18th October, when we hope to have the chance to bid farewell to as many of you as current guidelines safely permit (some sunshine would be very welcome to enable the chance of outside seating!).
We are pleased to be able to announce that The Globe will reopen within the following week (Friday 23rd we believe), under the new management of Richard Cooper, currently a resident of Saxlingham, to whom we wish a long and successful tenure.
Thank you all, once again for making our time here so enjoyable and welcoming.’
David, Ali & Ellie


The DIARY – Click here

Something we did in lockdown! Following a suggestion by our own Pat Harris, a small group of our residents, ably led and coordinated by Ken Holbeck, decided to create a short story by writing a paragraph each, along with several alternative endings……..Time to go.. click here to continue 

The SVA  have decided that it’s unlikely that any events will be able to take place this year, outdoor or indoor, roll on next year!

Walking in Shotesham – The Boys (and girls) are back in town (well, country really) as the Walking Group has now reformed!

Courtesy of Tom Higgins

The first walk took place locally on Sunday 20th Sept and an eagle eyed walker spotted this article for organised walking groups- https://www.ramblers.org.uk/coronavirus so, with social distancing and common sense, we can ‘keep calm and walk on’! Next walk is on Sunday 11th October meeting at the Trinity at 10.15, no car sharing however. 

Wildlife around Shotesham – Courtesy of Mike Fenn, Ken Holbeck and lots of walkers!   

Look Up, Pergrine Falcons over Shotesham!

RSPB images – Adult in flight                                                Juvenille 

‘Three of these beautiful birds appeared over Chapel Lane on Wednesday 20th July, a single falcon was seen again on Friday and a pair on Sunday!

Apart from the delight of seeing the world’s fastest animal – some estimates of 200 mph whilst stooping on prey – the thought crossed my mind about the Norwich Cathedral brood. Four juveniles were raised there but one, unfortunately, was killed in a collision with a light aircraft at Norwich Airport. Could these three be the surviving youngsters?’

Ken Holbeck

Mike (aka Shotesham’s David Attenborough), sat patiently for quite some time to capture these, obviously we can’t tell anyone where they are or we’d have to kill them, the people not the voles! Mike says ‘we are to have them on the common, considering how endangered they are. Water voles are a protected species under the Wildlife and Countryside Act. They used to be found in nearly every waterway in the UK, but numbers have declined by over 90% over the last 10 years due to habitat loss and predation.’ For more information go to: ptes.org/get-informed/facts-figures/water-vole/

Not forgetting the Cows – Regular visitors will be used to the sight of cows on the north end of Shotesham Common (ie between Hollow Lane and Skeets Hill). We currently have a small herd of around 15 who graze up and down the length of this end. They are now well accustomed to walkers and won’t cause any issues as long as they continue to be treated with due respect. They even quite enjoy the company of some of their new friends like Skye and Ted!

Some more, but NOT unwanted!! A resident of The Common found a nest in the tree by the style from The Common onto the Common!! After some research including our local entomologist and the UK Centre for Ecology and Hydrology, thankfully they are native Eurasian Hornets and definitely NOT Giant Asian Killer Hornets (which kill honey bees), phew 😅, but still take care! 

Wildlife Blog – you may be interested in visiting this blog by Shotesham resident Andy Musgrove….some fascinating creepy crawly things! http://andymuspsl.blogspot.com/ 

Shotesham Conservation Group – Two sessions planned for work around the Village Pond at 9.30am on Saturdays 17th & 24th Oct, if you can help out on either day please contact Bernie – floracott@btinternet.com 
There will, of course, be suitable COVID restrictions, see message from Frank below…….

“Hello everyone in the conservation group.
We have been holding back as long as possible before deciding whether to go ahead with the usual conservation projects this year. We have now decided that we can go ahead in reasonable safety as long as we apply good practice in the way we go about it. Obviously it will be for each volunteer to decide whether to take part this time around.
To keep things as safe as possible the following safeguards will apply:
1. All volunteers should bring and wear gloves throughout.
2. Volunteers should bring their own refreshments and cups etc if they want anything and their own hand sanitizer.
3. All participants should make sure they keep their social distance throughout (except for people from one household who could help by working together).
4. One person will bring the equipment from Ed’s store on the trailer and the same person will return it. As long as the equipment is left untouched for 72 hours before and after use it should be virus free.
5. Only one person should use each piece of equipment on any one day (and hang on to it during the session) and each person return the equipment they’ve been using to the trailer.
6. If we are using the “stretcher” we should only load it lightly so that it can be carried by 2 people rather than 4.
7. As all the work is done in the open it will be up to each volunteer whether to wear a mask?
Please don’t feel under any pressure to take part this year but if you are happy with the set up and want to join us we’ll be delighted to see you (at a distance!).  Watch this space for upcoming events which will, of course, be managed in groups of a maximum of six. Thanks, Frank
Frank Mitchell
8 The Grove
NR15 1XJ
01508 558545
…and the Trustees (well, Ed) still working hard on keeping our Common tidy!

Courtesy of Bernie
Services available in or around the village.. still plenty of suppliers available for anyone not wishing to visit shops, click this link

Other Information –

New division boundaries across Norfolk, have your say here have your say here consultation ends on 23rd November.

Norfolk Local Councils’ Wellbeing Group have produced an excellent article on Carbon Footprints and some actions which can be taken, click here

South Norfolk’s latest bulletin containing a lot of good advice can be found at their website here….too big to attach!.

Even with the world wide crisis, some people are still looking to take advantage of any weaknesses. As always, please keep an eye out for any unusual activity, remember that if you spot anything suspicious the police can be contacted by phoning 101. 

SCAM AWARE! Due to the increasing occurrence of scams, we’ve decided to feature a log of examples on the site which will feature examples of things to avoid, and hopefully give a general of the types of scams that are out there. If you experience anything suspicious, please send evidence via email (Contact Us above) and we’ll add them to the list. Thanks for your help and, as always, don’t respond to anything you’re not sure of, and you can always look up the Scam Aware website or Google the company name (other search engines are available). REMEMBER, if it looks like a duck and sounds like a duck, it’s probably a DUCK! Click on the links for some examples – text msg – Email ProviderLetters promising $millions!! Other scams are available!

Shotesham Parish Council are looking to restore and re-instate the black and white finger post signs, and the South Norfolk Council, though they will supply the materials, no longer have the ability to make them. As a result we may be looking for sponsorship of individual posts from members of the village to supplement any other money we can apply for. Would you like to consider becoming a sponsor? If so please contact Jeff at clerk.shotesham@outlook.com  

Community information…

Norfolk & Norwich University Hospital’s ‘Settle in Services’ are looking for dedicated volunteers who wish to give something back to their local community. Volunteers meet patients on their day of discharge from hospital to help settle them back in to their own environment. Click here for more information 

Rural Services Norfolklatest bulletin

South Norfolk older people’s forum, details here.

Norfolk campaign to S.C.R.A.P. fly tipping…details here

For assistance with power cuts, please click this link from UK Power Networks

Thinking Fuel – If you feel you may be paying too much for your oil, Community Action Norfolk (CAN) have a scheme that may assist. Click here to see how you might save and here to see how it works, or go directly to the CAN website for more details.

Our local police officer is PC 1151 Sherry Locke who now holds the position of Poringland Beat Manager, contact details for all our local officers – click here.

Local Police info – following a recent break, the Police Newsletter is back –September Newsletter

News from Norfolk Police Commissioner –Sept Newsletter 

Selected older news items are retained on the “News archive” page)