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See below for some new visitors!    The Conservation Group is back, see info below for how you can help

Ken Munro is the news editor. Please let him know about village news and events via Contact Us on the main menu or on 07880801674.

Shotesham Parish Council with PCC and SVA – While lockdown restrictions continue to be tentatively lifted, we remain a long way from normality. The joint group continues to meet (still virtually at present) to continue our attempts, with the help of various volunteers, to ensure all Shotesham residents have their needs met during these difficult times. If anyone finds themselves in need of some assistance, please let one of us know.
Contacts are:-

Bob Harris.         550672.   hill.cottage@btinternet.com
Jeff Gough.        550358.   clerk.shotesham@outlook.com
Heather Jackson 550785.   heatherbelljackson@btinternet.com
Ken Munro         550736.   resotan@aol.com

Jim Webber, one of our fellow residents, is collating views of Lockdown for the Shotesham Village archive. For more info and details of how you can contribute, click here

The Globe is open, see below from David and Ali🍻

Open for business again, although due to limited seating inside the pub, wherever possible we would encourage all customers to use outside seating whenever weather permits, as we are unable to allow customers inside unless seated at tables. Signage, hand sanitiser and distancing marking are all in place, and wherever possible we will require payment by card. 
                  Unfortunately, we are not offering a food service until further notice, however, we will not object if anyone wishes to consume their own food on site, you would however need to supply your own cutlery and plates if required. Inevitably there may be some uncertainty for customers and staff, but we will welcome your patience and understanding if any difficulties should arise….

Of the opening day, David said,  “….I thought it was a success, despite a couple of mishaps.  By and large, everyone was happy to embrace the new directives and, although it may be understandable that there will be the odd occasion where the interpretation of the rules will be stretched as everyone gets used the enforced distancing guidance. I believe that all who visited were able to enjoy their experience, and were comfortable with the enforced safety measures.
It was great to see so many faces, old and new supporting us, as your custom is not only greatly appreciated, but invaluable too in this current climate.
Obviously, as inside seating is severely restricted, we hope for clement weather throughout the coming weeks and months, to make everybody’s visit as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.”
David & Ali

The DIARY – Click here

Something we did in lockdown! Following a suggestion by our own Pat Harris, a small group of our residents, ably led and coordinated by Ken Holbeck, decided to create a short story by writing a paragraph each, along with several alternative endings……..Time to go.. 

The morning run has been the regimen for the past few months now, ever since moving back to this rural area. Nice and early, no one around, never mind the clinging morning mist, just get out there and do it. I tell myself, ‘Once started you’re half way there’.

Pit, pat, pit, pat, down the Street, past the medieval church, into the loke, and the sheltering wood. Straightaway, I notice the sound of my running changes on the gravelly surface, crunching into the few centimetres of overnight snow. Although chilly, there’s no breeze and I’m already warm from the exercise. The trees appear a little unsettling though in the hanging mist but the babbling beck is at least reassuring………click here to continue 

SVA News – Whilst the country slowly ‘unlocks’ from lockdown restrictions, the SVA will continue to keep an eye out for the opportunity to put some kind of event in place in order to celebrate our new found freedom when it comes. Of course the likelihood is that some people will still, at least mentally, be in sheltering mode even when the relaxations come along. But Thankfully we have a big open space at our disposal, so an impromptu socially distanced Party on the Playing may still be a possibility at some time later in the summer. And we’ll also be keeping an eye on what else we may be able to get up and running in due course, though it seems unlikely that the previously planned Barn Dance will go ahead this year.

The SVA will also be planning to hold the AGM as soon as guidelines allow so keep fingers crossed and watch this space for details when they become available.

Walking in Shotesham – Still no Walking Group at the moment, but our local footpaths have become busier during the lockdown, and with the weather as it is, this is likely to remain the case. We do, of course, welcome all of our visitors, provided they respect others when parking and walking dogs…..please, please, PLEASE, do not leave your dog’s ‘business’ on our footpaths, pick it up and, almost as bad, do NOT leave the bags hanging at the side of the path, take them home or dispose of them in the bins provided for this purpose. If (like me) you feel so inclined, you may wish to politely remind other dog owners, conscientious dog owners do not mind being reminded! 

The Common, as always, is a great place for walking in the summer. Loads of flora and fauna to be found out there, including orchids and other wildflowers as well as kites, owls, egrets and the occasional heron, and we also have a small population of water voles. Keep your eyes peeled! 

Wildlife around Shotesham – Courtesy of Mike Fenn, Ken Holbeck and lots of walkers!   

Look what Mike found! We are lucky to have a small colony of these lovely Butterflies in Shotesham. They are on the hedgerow that the conservation group layered beside the great wood footpath, they have also been seen at three ponds, testament to the work of the village conservation group. The butterfly is not common in our part of the county as it is mostly found in Southern England. The Butterflies are on the wing during July and August and at the moment are in lovely condition, so go and see them on the Bramble flowers.

Silver-washed fritillary butterfly (photo by Mike Fenn)

 Look Up, Pergrine Falcons over Shotesham!

RSPB images – Adult in flight                                                Juvenille 

Three of these beautiful birds appeared over Chapel Lane on Wednesday 20th July, a single falcon was seen again on Friday and a pair on Sunday!

Apart from the delight of seeing the world’s fastest animal – some estimates of 200 mph whilst stooping on prey – the thought crossed my mind about the Norwich Cathedral brood. Four juveniles were raised there but one, unfortunately, was killed in a collision with a light aircraft at Norwich Airport. Could these three be the surviving youngsters?

Ken Holbeck

Mike (aka Shotesham’s David Attenborough), sat patiently for quite some time to capture these, obviously we can’t tell anyone where they are or we’d have to kill them! Mike says ‘we are to have them on the common, considering how endangered they are. Water voles are a protected species under the Wildlife and Countryside Act. They used to be found in nearly every waterway in the UK, but numbers have declined by over 90% over the last 10 years due to habitat loss and predation.’ For more information go to: ptes.org/get-informed/facts-figures/water-vole/

Not forgetting the Cows – Regular visitors will be used to the sight of cows on the north end of Shotesham Common (ie between Hollow Lane and Skeets Hill) during the summer months and we have a small herd of around 24 who graze up and down the length of this end. They are now well accustomed to walkers and won’t cause any issues as long as they continue to be treated with due respect. They even quite enjoy the company of some of their new friends like Skye and Ted!

Wildlife Blog – you may be interested in visiting this blog by Shotesham resident Andy Musgrove….some fascinating creepy crawly things! http://andymuspsl.blogspot.com/ 

Shotesham Conservation Group is back, albeit with suitable COVID restrictions, message from Frank…….
“Hello everyone in the conservation group.
We have been holding back as long as possible before deciding whether to go ahead with the usual conservation projects this year. We have now decided that we can go ahead in reasonable safety as long as we apply good practice in the way we go about it. Obviously it will be for each volunteer to decide whether to take part this time around.
To keep things as safe as possible the following safeguards will apply:
1. All volunteers should bring and wear gloves throughout.
2. Volunteers should bring their own refreshments and cups etc if they want anything and their own hand sanitizer.
3. All participants should make sure they keep their social distance throughout (except for people from one household who could help by working together).
4. One person will bring the equipment from Ed’s store on the trailer and the same person will return it. As long as the equipment is left untouched for 72 hours before and after use it should be virus free.
5. Only one person should use each piece of equipment on any one day (and hang on to it during the session) and each person return the equipment they’ve been using to the trailer.
6. If we are using the “stretcher” we should only load it lightly so that it can be carried by 2 people rather than 4.
7. As all the work is done in the open it will be up to each volunteer whether to wear a mask.

Please don’t feel under any pressure to take part this year but if you are happy with the set up and want to join us we’ll be delighted to see you (at a distance!).  Next event will be St Mary’s and St Martin’s: Saturday 22nd August at 9.30. If you’ve any queries or concerns please feel free to contact me.
Thanks, Frank

Frank Mitchell
8 The Grove
NR15 1XJ
01508 558545

Services available in or around the village..During the last three months, the suppliers featured below have served us well with deliveries, take aways and other desirable as well as necessary services. Our thanks to them and they’ll remain advertised here for a while to come.

Provisions –
Gwen Jackson
has another supply of local pork available at Hillside Farm, Shotesham – Joints, Bacon, Chops, Gammon Joints, Burgers, Sausages, Chipolatas.  Local Honey available too.  Open Monday to Saturday.  01508 550337/07788932646

Little Haven Coffee Shop, Norwich– Our very own Simon Nisbet from Shotesham can deliver bags of coffee beans to your door and will grind them if you wish for whatever you use at home be it a cafetière or espresso machine. Good choice from around the world all from small independent farmers. Call me on either 07710183024 or 01508558198. See here for recent article in EDP. 

Duke Of Delhi – Indian takeaway in Newton Flotman comes highly recommended. It’s safe payment and collection through a window and really friendly. Click here for menu and phone  01508 470086.

Earsham Street Deli in Bungay is open for collection of orders and they can deliver.  The full list of products is listed online at http://www.earshamstreetdeli.co.uk/

Stoke Mill, our local Michelin recommended restaurant are now offering a ‘Click and Collect Take Away’ service, with Gourmet Hampers (5* – 2reviews), breads, wine and take away ready meals available inc Fish&Chips (4.5*- 3 reviews). Please follow link for full details – https://www.stokemill.co.uk/stokemill-takeaway/

Paddock Farm Shop is well stocked with fresh fruit and veg, the Boots pharmacy is open and appears not to be as busy as Poringland, and a fresh fish van visits on Thursday mornings.

Goodies Food Hall in Diss, www.goodiesfoodhall.co.uk  01379 676880, are doing home deliveries, good selection but may be a bit more expensive.
Aldis Farmshop at Framingham Earl remains open and fully stocked, again a little expensive but very fresh and great quality. It can be busy but well organised with contactless payments and controlled entry.
Easters of Norwich does deliveries – https://www.eastersofnorwich.com/product-category/order/

Honest Food Company – local residents Georgia and Steve who own The Honest Food Company are providing a weekly menu of bread and cakes (all homemade) to order, which they will deliver to the Shotesham area. They plan to do a menu every week, which will be available for delivery on 2 days, assuming all goes well. The menu is visible on their Facebook page ‘thehorsebox’ (https://www.facebook.com/The-Horse-Box-240977959277630/?ref=hl) and instagram page @thehorsebox_streetfood, and orders will be accepted via email to thehonestfoodco@outlook.com.

The Body Shop At Home – whether for gifts or your own personal use, one of our residents has a new business selling discounted products from The Body Shop whilst their stores are closed.  Catalogue here:  https://issuu.com/tbsah/docs/tbsah_summer_catalogue_2020.
If you would like to place an order or find out more please contact Laura Jackson –  laurajackson997@gmail.com , 01508494094 or 07818624923.
The Fresh Herb Salt Company produces a combination of herb salt food seasonings.  Perfect for the start of BBQ season.   The website is www.freshherbsalt.com, email info@freshherbsalt.com.  Sales taken online.

Cards – If you find yourself short of greeting cards for any occasion, Lesley at Flint Cottage has a supply of blank cards printed from her original paintings. They’ll be in a box on our doorstep for £1 each or 5 for £4, all profits will go the the foodbank or other worthwhile charity.

Wedding Florist -Seasonal, romantic home-grown wedding flowers for the eco conscious couple, by WILD FOLK of Shotesham. 

Newspaper delivery – Newsagent Simpson and Taylor, 56 Sandy Lane, Lakenham 01603 499499, will deliver your daily newspaper, there may be a small charge. There are also milk deliveries to the villages around Norwich by Milk & More 

Additional Service –
lest anyone who needs this isn’t aware, South Norfolk Council will give assistance to people who have difficulty getting their bins out for collection. There are conditions of course, but info below and applications can be made online at https://www.south-norfolk.gov.uk/residents/rubbish-and-recycling/assisted-bin-collections or by phone 01508 533933.

Other Information –

South Norfolk’s latest bulletin containing a lot of good advice can be found at their website here….too big to attach!.

Even with the world wide crisis, some people are still looking to take advantage of any weaknesses. As always, please keep an eye out for any unusual activity, remember that if you spot anything suspicious the police can be contacted by phoning 101. 

SCAM AWARE! Due to the increasing occurrence of scams, we’ve decided to feature a log of examples on the site which will feature examples of things to avoid, and hopefully give a general of the types of scams that are out there. If you experience anything suspicious, please send evidence via email (Contact Us above) and we’ll add them to the list. Thanks for your help and, as always, don’t respond to anything you’re not sure of, and you can always look up the Scam Aware website or Google the company name (other search engines are available). REMEMBER, if it looks like a duck and sounds like a duck, it’s probably a DUCK! Click on the link for examples – text msg – Email ProviderLetters promising $millions!! Other scams are available!

Shotesham Parish Council are looking to restore and re-instate the black and white finger post signs, and the South Norfolk Council, though they will supply the materials, no longer have the ability to make them. As a result we may be looking for sponsorship of individual posts from members of the village to supplement any other money we can apply for. Would you like to consider becoming a sponsor? If so please contact Jeff at clerk.shotesham@outlook.com  

Community information…

Norfolk & Norwich University Hospital’s ‘Settle in Services’ are looking for dedicated volunteers who wish to give something back to their local community. Volunteers meet patients on their day of discharge from hospital to help settle them back in to their own environment. Click here for more information 

Rural Services Norfolklatest bulletin

South Norfolk older people’s forum, details here.

Norfolk campaign to S.C.R.A.P. fly tipping…details here

For assistance with power cuts, please click this link from UK Power Networks

Thinking Fuel – If you feel you may be paying too much for your oil, Community Action Norfolk (CAN) have a scheme that may assist. Click here to see how you might save and here to see how it works, or go directly to the CAN website for more details.

Our local police officer is PC 1151 Sherry Locke who now holds the position of Poringland Beat Manager, contact details for all our local officers – click here.

Local Police info – following a recent break, the Police Newsletter is back – April Newsletter

News from Norfolk Police Commissioner – June Newsletter 

Selected older news items are retained on the “News archive” page)