WW2 Roll of Honour

John Hedworth Sutton, Harry Thomas Harwood and John Bosworth Norton who served and died in WWII, would have seen Shotesham War Memorial, the parades, the Services of Remembrance and known the mothers and fathers, wives, brothers and sisters, of those who had served in WWI. 

In WW2, 53 Shotesham men and women are listed on the “Roll Of Honour, Villagers serving in H.M. Forces Oct.1942”. An extra 16 are on the Electoral Roll Service Register of 1945, 11 others are known to have served, altogether 80 villagers, men and women. There were also 26 men in the Shotesham Home Guard and Audrey Smith who was deployed milling torpedoes. 

War Memorial Compilation of Villagers serving in WWII
John Bosworth Norton
Harry Thomas Harwood 
John Hedworth Sutton