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Shotesham Virtual Open Gardens below, details below on how to get your photos on it!

Ken Munro is the news editor. Please let him know about village news and events via Contact Us on the main menu or on 07880801674.

Anyone for books? – Our ‘Books Box’ at The Grove has been newly decorated and looks splendid, accompanied below by Stanley (who didn’t do the decorating btw!). Please help yourselves to books, and any new ones would be most welcome.

Help from Norfolk Local Councils – a lot of helpful information, including some financial assistance for certain cases, click here for more information 

Her Majesty The Queen’s Jubilee 2022 👑 🎺 🎺- some photos below from our very successful and much enjoyed Jubilee events. 

Update on Shotesham Together 🇺🇦 – A big thank you to everyone who volunteered to assist with hosting Ukrainian refugees in Shotesham.    The Shotesham Together team was really impressed with the amount of goodwill and the willingness to help to be found in the village.    There are now five Ukrainian refugees sponsored by Shotesham residents settling into the UK, two actually living in Shotesham and three, although sponsored and hosted by a Shotesham resident, living in Norwich.   All five are very grateful to be here.    The team has also had a lot of offers to help, and they are really grateful for each of those offers and if the need arises may be in touch with those kind volunteers in the future.   

The DIARY – Click here

Shotesham yoga – there are two classes on Wednesdays currently running at 6.15 pm – 7.15 and 7.20pm – 8.20pm at the Trinity. At the moment classes can be booked via ken @ resotan@aol.com.  Always room for one or two more! 

Walking in Shotesham – Sun continues to shine but we could actually do with some rain now, except for on walking days! August walk postponed due to bank holiday, next walk will be on Sunday 4th September. A special educational walk led by David Fox and looking for evidence of Ice Age. Meeting at same time, same place.

Courtesy of Bernie (Photographer)

Conservation Group – The following are dates for the diary when we will be needing YOUR HELP for Shotesham village conservation work.
Church Hill all cleared up, lotsa people and done in record time! Next up on Saturday 10th September will be Stubbs Green. Be good to see you  if you can spare some time to help. Refreshments and tools will be provided. As always, suitable clothing and footwear recommended. If you have any queries, please contact Frank Mitchell – frank333mitchell@btinternet.com. Hope you can make it, and after that will be 19th November at the Village Pond.

Kind Regards, Bernie Fenn

Also on the Conservation Front – Over the past few months a number of ideas have been shared …such as the one below.  If you are interested in this initiative, please follow the link below. If you need advice before applying, do contact the Tree Warden Sarah Long at sarahlroaming@gmail.com. Do note that trees are being offered on a first-come-first-served basis, so early applications are a good idea.

*****Plant a Jubilee Orchard to mark a special year.******

Dear Parish Clerk,

The 1 Million Trees for Norfolk team is keen that communities around the county to take up the opportunity to plant a community orchard to mark the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee and to leave a lasting legacy for future generations.

Traditional orchards provide a precious resource for bees and other pollinators as well as a range of other wildlife. They also provide free, healthy food and a calming green space for local people. As part of the Jubilee Trees for Norfolk Scheme we are offering a 20% discount on traditional orchard packs (other tree packs are available with a 50% discount).

Is there anywhere in your community that you could create a traditional orchard? You need the landowner’s permission and commitment to the trees’ long-term aftercare. Our orchard packs are carefully selected from a range of heritage varieties. All packs will be slightly different, but they will all contain one nut tree (cob nut), at least two apple varieties and then a mix from these species: pear, cherry, greengage, plum or medlar. These packs have been selected for ‘pollinator pairs’ so they cannot be split up across sites. You may be able to get some help towards the cost of these trees from your County Councillor.

We hope your community/individuals will apply and that a network of thriving traditional orchards is planted across Norfolk. You can apply here: www.norfolk.gov.uk/jubileetrees If you need more information, please get in touch with our team at: tree.planting@norfolk.gov.uk       
(NB – private landowners and residents can also apply but will not be able to get a contribution form their County Councillor.)

Shotesham Open Gardens – 
Following the cancellation of Shotesham Open Gardens we will be attempting to have a virtual Open Gardens, so here’s a message from Jeff Gough.

Despite the dry dry dry weather there will be things in our gardens that you think others would have been interesting in seeing ….it also recognises the amazing amount of work that has been done this very very very dry summer.
The thought was …..
1. Why not have ‘virtual’ Open Gardens 2022.
2. To share what we all have …perhaps ..1 or 2 or 3 or 4 or even 5 photographs.
3. I have spoken with Ken Munro and he will collate what we send him…putting them on the village website.
4. It will create a record of this very very rare summer we are enjoying even if for our plants it is a ‘struggle for survival’ …

You can decide if this is not for you …..but if you want to help document …through our gardens …..this amazing summer ..then pick out your best..more interesting …burnt brown will be interesting to others and in the future….say 5 photographs each ..whiiiiizzzzzzz them off to Ken at

Will leave it with you now ….but lastly…
……two examples of mine ..first my very first apple graft made in early spring 2021….and our first sweet peas ( thank you Ronnie) ..short due to moles and the dry …but mainly moles!!!  Kind regards, Jeff 


Shotesham Common is still a great place to walk, there’s an obvious pass around the South end (nearest All Saints Church), but a number of cows with young on the North end so some extra care should be taken.  On most occasions, the cows appear quite placid though though a recent episode (no serious injuries) shows that a deal of care needs to be taken in their vicinity. The message clearly is to stay out of their way and, if you’re nervous about them, best not to venture amongst them. The Common is a great place to walk, but please take care and go safely. Best, k

Thanks Lesley!
Also, easy to think that dog poo must be harmless on a Common full of cowpats, but it can be extremely dangerous for cows, don’t just take it from me please click on the link and have a look. neosporosis-the-hidden-danger-that-dogs-pose-to-cattle. Please still pick up your dog’s doings, thanks for your help and common sense, see you out there soon.

Wildlife in Shotesham – who knew we had so many different wildlife species on our doorstep?! Village resident, Andy Musgrove is busy collecting and collating them all and, whilst in his own words he hasn’t got them all yet, click here for a few to be getting on with. Careful though, it could make your hair stand on end!!

…and how’s this for acrobatics, after all who says they’re only for the birds!

Another Wildlife adventure, courtesy of NWT….click here

Other Information –

Even with the world wide crisis, some people are still looking to take advantage of any weaknesses. As always, please keep an eye out for any unusual activity, remember that if you spot anything suspicious the police can be contacted by phoning 101. 

SCAM AWARE! Due to the increasing occurrence of scams, we’ve decided to feature a log of examples on the site which will feature examples of things to avoid, and hopefully give a general of the types of scams that are out there. If you experience anything suspicious, please send evidence via email (Contact Us above) and we’ll add them to the list. Thanks for your help and, as always, don’t respond to anything you’re not sure of, and you can always look up the Scam Aware website or Google the company name (other search engines are available). REMEMBER, if it looks like a duck and sounds like a duck, it’s probably a DUCK! Click on the links for some examples – text msg – Email ProviderLetters promising $millions!!
To emphasise the extent of the SCAMMING problem,  click here  for an up to date message from our Community Police Engagement Officer, and advice from NLC on scam avoidance – see it here. Look out, other scams are available!! 

Community information….Anglian Water’s Priority Services Register is in place to help lots of people with different needs and is completely free, click here for more info

Norfolk Citizens Advice Bureau (NCAB) are looking for volunteers and Trustees, if you have time on your hands why not give it a go? See more info here

Norfolk Local Councils (NLC) – Go wild in the Country with Norfolk Wildlife Trust

Environment agency – Winter Flooding Report, read here

ALSO, Norfolk Citizens Advice have launched a new initiative to assist individuals in need – Grants for Individuals in need database. The database is funded as part of the Coordinated Community Support Programme and is open access on the Norfolk Citizens Advice website. The database contains largely small local grant giving organisations that operate in Norfolk.
The webpage contains:

  • Brief information on how to use the database
  • A short video demonstration
  • A tips document on maximising successful applications with hints and tips from grant organisation trustees
  • A feedback link to report out of date information, suggest organisations to include,  or just give feedback on your experience of using the database

Norfolk County Council – info, advice and links  here

Norfolk Local Councils’ Wellbeing Group have produced an excellent article on Carbon Footprints and some actions which can be taken, click here, and they have also provided a pamphlet of Finance Awareness and Scam avoidance – see it here 

Bin Collection Calendars – South Norfolk have discontinued sending out hard copies,  full info here

South Norfolk’s latest bulletin containing a lot of good advice can be found at their website here….too big to attach!

National Association of Local Councils (NALC) – 2021 Points of Light, read it here

Norfolk & Norwich University Hospital’s ‘Settle in Services’ are looking for dedicated volunteers who wish to give something back to their local community. Volunteers meet patients on their day of discharge from hospital to help settle them back in to their own environment. Click here for more information 

South Norfolk older people’s forum, details here.

Rural Services NetworkMarch bulletin here

For assistance with power cuts, please click this link from UK Power Networks

Thinking Fuel – If you feel you may be paying too much for your oil, Community Action Norfolk (CAN) have a scheme that may assist. Click here to see how you might save and here to see how it works, or go directly to the CAN website for more details.

Our local police officer is PC 1151 Sherry Locke who now holds the position of Poringland Beat Manager, contact details for all our local officers – click here.

Norfolk Police & Crime Commissioner’s – July news update – click here

Selected older news items are retained on the “News archive” page)