Youth Parliament Elections – 2016

Candidates sought for next Youth Parliament elections

Norfolk County Council has started its search for the county’s next youth parliamentarians.

The council is looking for passionate 11 to 18-year-olds who are keen to represent other young people on a local and national stage, it is hoped that 30- 40 people will stand for election with nine chosen by their peers to represent their electoral constituency. Those winning in the county-wide elections will serve for two years, working alongside other young people locally and nationally, as well as liaising with county and district councillors and their MP.

MYPs have a chance to:
• Meet as a group once a month to discuss local campaigns;
• Talk and consult with councillors and professionals over the most important issues to young people;
• Enhance their knowledge on the decisions being made about young people in a relaxed, informal setting;
• Attend regional Youth Parliament events in London;
• Talk on radio stations and TV about the most important issues for young people;
• Comment on issues relevant to young people in the press;
• Raise issues on behalf of other young people with MPs;
• Attend the annual get together of MYPs from across the county to debate important issues;
• Debate within the House of Commons Chamber chaired by the speaker, John Bercow MP.

The role of Norfolk’s MYPs is to find out the issues that affect young people by using social media, talking to their peers and visiting schools within their community.

James Joyce, Chairman of the Children’s Services Committee at Norfolk County Council, said: “Our youth parliamentarians have done some tremendous work in recent years, campaigning on a local and national stage.

“They have shown great commitment and passion for the issues affecting them and their peers and have been given the chance to develop new skills, take part in once in a lifetime experiences and, importantly, make a difference for Norfolk’s children and young people. I would urge any young people with an interest in politics or campaigning to apply to be a candidate.”

Youth parliament elections will take place from Monday 14 March to Sunday 20 March, and Norfolk County Council is hoping that more young people than ever will vote. In the last elections, in 2014, more than 37,000 votes were cast, a record for the county. This is believed to be one of the highest numbers in any election in the youth parliament’s history.

Kieren Buxton,17, MYP for Norwich South, said: “Being in the Youth Parliament helped me to raise my confidence and communication skills. It’s also helped me to find a career path in youth work.”

Emily Fox, 16, MYP for Mid Norfolk, added: “Being an MYP makes you so much more confident, you get to meet lots of new people and the experiences you get are endless. It’s really enjoyable.”

Jacob Rhodes, 13, MYP for South Norfolk, said: “The feeling you get when you’re standing up for young people is priceless. This is an experience of a lifetime.”

To stand for election, candidates need to fill in an application form, available The deadline is Monday, 15 February at 5pm.

For further information contact Ben Dunne, Consultation and Involvement Officer, on 01603 495102 or

For political comment
Cllr James Joyce (Liberal Democrat) Chairman of the Children’s Services Committee, on 01263 587212
Cllr Emma Corlett (Labour) Vice Chair of the Children’s Services Committee on 07557 634891
Cllr Roger Smith (Conservative) on 01508 538225
Cllr Paul Gilmour (UKIP) on 01362 690131
Cllr Richard Bearman (Green) on 01603 504124
For further information please contact:
Media Team at Norfolk County Council
Tel: 01603 228888 or email: