War memorial names, rank, date of death

Shotesham War Memorial, Men, Rank, Regiment and Date of death

10th March 1915          2nd Lieut. ROBERT FELLOWES         Age 18.

1st Battalion, King’s Royal Rifle Corps

11th June 1915              Private ROBERT YOUNGMAN         Age 24.

1st Battalion, Norfolk Regiment

20th August 1915          Private HARRY CODLING                      Age 18.

1st/4th Battalion, Norfolk Regiment

5th July 1916                 Private CECIL TWITE HANNENT         Age 35.

8th Battalion, Border Regiment

15th September 1916   Private JOSEPH ALFRED LARTER         Age 28.

9th Battalion, Norfolk Regiment

15th September 1916   L/Corporal HARRY PERCIVAL PETT   Age 23.

9th Battalion, Norfolk Regiment

26th September 1916    Private ALFRED CLARKE                         Age 22

Canadian Corps Cavalry Regiment

21st October 1916         Corporal SAMUEL ALBERT PEARCE     Age 29.

11th Battalion, Royal Sussex Regiment

13th December 1916    Private CHARLES WILLIAM CHENEY  Age 26.

1st Battalion, The Buffs, East Kent Regiment

26th January 1917        Private JAMES FREDERICK GOODWIN   Age 25.

10th Battalion, Essex Regiment

19th April 1917             Private WILLIAM YOUNGMAN                  Age 28.

1st/4th Battalion, Norfolk Regiment

23th April 1917            Private HARRY GEORGE MAYHEW           Age 27 .

1st Battalion, Norfolk Regiment

14th May 1917              Private BENJAMIN CLARKE                          Age 29 .

1st Battalion, Norfolk Regiment

30th August 1917          Private JOHN HEWGILL                                  Age 34.

1st Battalion, Grenadier Guards

22nd October 1917        Private CECIL JESSE RANDELL                     Age 30.

8th Battalion, Norfolk Regiment

22nd October 1917         Private LEONARD WICKS                              Age 30.

8th Battalion, Norfolk Regiment

20th December 1917      L/ Sergeant WILLIAM BRITTON LANE      Age 22.

5th Battalion, King’s Shropshire Light Infantry

11th September 1918               Sergeant GEORGE ROBERT FLINT               Age 26

12th Battalion, Norfolk Regiment

Second World War  

23rd April 1941            Private HARRY THOMAS HARWOOD                Age 22

5th Battalion, Royal Norfolk Regiment

27th March 1943           Leading Signalman JOHN BOSWORTH NORTON

Royal Navy                                     Age 22 or 23

1st March 1945             Sub-Lieut. (A) JOHN HEDWORTH SUTTON Age 20

Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve