PC Minutes Feb 19

Becmead Shotesham St Mary NR15 1UJ 01508550358. clerk.shotesham@outlook.com

An open session was held to allow any interested villagers to be informed about the parish council in preparation for the forthcoming elections in May.
No one attended.…………………..as is their right
1. Apologies for absence.
Apologies were received from K Dyke, M Dyke and S Dinsdale.
2. The minutes of 6th of December 2018 and 7th January 2019.were approved as a correct record and duly signed.
3. Planning Applications
Tudor House, The Street.. 2019/0162

The meeting supported both the planning application and the Listed Buildings application.
4. Matters of interest.
• Litter Pick ..March 9th and 10th.
A positive response has been received, nevertheless, additional people are always welcome.
• Community Asset….The Globe
The documentation is in the final stages of preparation
• Footpath FP21.
The difficulties walkers have experienced in following FP21 has been brought to the attention of the land owner by the appropriate officer of NCC. The parish council will now monitor progress with opening up of the right of way.
• Speed Camera…..update and location.
The siting at the foot of the hill, as one enters the village from SHX, is welcomed by local residents. The camera will, thereafter, be re-sited to allow monitoring of vehicles as they exit the village. Plan to purchase extra brackets to enable more speed camera sites
• Parish Elections.
The ‘open session’ was a disappointment. Perhaps the actual election will see more interest.
• Defibrillator
The new batteries are in place and new pads will be provided in May. The grant of £200 from the ‘Litter Prize’ will used to meet the cost the refurbishment. The original allocation became unnecessary with a realignment of a footpath.
** Councillors were asked to prepare a short synopsis of their responsibilities over the last 4 years. These will be included as part of the Annual Report.

NB Next meeting [full] 4th of April. Meeting at 7.30pm at the Trinity.
A Planning Meeting will be held, if necessary, on the 7th of March.

J K Gough, The Clerk