PC Minutes Dec 18

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Minutes of the meeting of Shotesham Parish Council held at the Trinity at 7.30 pm on 6th of December 2018.

1. Apologies received and accepted from DC F Ellis, CC A Thomas and Henry Walker.

2. The minutes of the 1st of November were accepted and signed.

3. Setting the budget for 2019/2020
The following points were made
• The budget was set at £6,000 in 2012/2013 and has remained unchanged for 6 years
• Members reviewed the predicted expenditure for 2019/2020. Questioning the key items, and considering what might happening the financial year ahead.
• The fact that the expenditure for 2018/9 relied on a carry/forward from 2017/18 to balance the expenditure was of concern.
• After discussion it was agreed to set the minimum budget to meet known/expected for next year.
• As a result, it was proposed, and unanimously agreed, to raise the precept by £1.25 per household. This represents and increase of £300 to £6300 or 5% or 2% above known inflation.
4. Planning Applications.
• 2018/2515 West Park farm Cottage
The application was accepted with no conditions.
[NB J Nott took no part in the discussion or the subsequent vote].
• 2018/2444 Golden Owl Barn
The application was accepted with no conditions.

5. Development proposed in Stoke Holy Cross.
Members were unanimous in their strong opposition to the development. They felt that
• The developers were negating the GNLPlan which was set up to allow the maximum consideration of all proposed development in the greater Norwich Area. The plan would have balanced the needs for more housing with the most propitious places for that development. The final proposals would be made to offer the collective ‘best’ plan for area. This application pre-empts that careful deliberation.
• The proposal would add even more traffic to that generated by developments in Brooke and Poringland. An unacceptable premise.
• The development site is on a dangerous narrow road and would thus produce an unacceptable increase in the existing hazard for all the current flood of cars, vans, cycles, walkers and people just enjoying a stroll!
• The development is extending the village envelope unnecessarily when such development has already been approved elsewhere in the village.
• The ‘gap’ allows a delightful snapshot of the Tas Valley ..a joy when ploughed, full of weeds or crops, or flooded …much too good to be lost!

6. Matters of interest.
• The meeting reinforced the Chairman’s expressed view that ‘our’ footpath walkers do an outstanding job and as a result Shotesham has a network of footpaths to be proud of.
• We await the confirmation of a working meeting to share our concerns with the key officer/s of NCC who deal with footpaths. Hopefully this will allow the concerns that have been highlighted to be addressed and solved. Details, of which, will be brought to the next meeting.
• The formal expression of concern of the council has been sent to the Mercer’s in the person of Sarah Oliver. Hopefully we will soon see a reestablishment of the links with Sarah and her colleague Sadie. Links which we value greatly.

The Rangers
• Another group that does such good work for us in Shotesham. A concern that was raised re grass etc filling the edges of the roads was dealt with today. Excellent.
• The other concerns will be dealt with when the rangers visit.

Grant..from SNDC.
• A grant of £100 has been received to allow the general ambience of the ‘BookBox’ at the Grove to be improved. Hopefully this source of free books and magazines will receive many more villagers popping in and collecting or depositing a book or three!!

The next full meeting will be at 7.30pm at the Trinity on February 7th 2019.
Planning Meetings will be held as and when necessary.