PC Minutes Aug 2016

SHOTESHAM PARISH COUNCIL DRAFT to be approved at next meeting
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Minutes of the meeting of Shotesham Parish Council held at the Trinity Hall at 7.30pm on 11th of August 2016

In attendance were …, H Jackson, M Dyke, S Dinsdale, J Guy and DC Florence Ellis.
1. Apologies
Apologies received and accepted from M Riches, K Dyke, H Walker, J Nott and CC A. Thomas.
2. The minutes of the 14th of June were agreed and signed.
3. Planning Applications
• Glenview ………….2016/1202/Section 106 Agreement
The meeting expressed disappointment that the Planning Department’s Officers were recommending to Councillors that the Section 106 Agreement be removed. The PC response was made earlier recommending keeping the Section 106 in place with minor modifications.
• Valley Farm ……..2016/1678
There was full support for the application. Members particularly welcomed the return of a family member of the farm owners to the village.
4. Updates.
• Benches. There are now 4 benches in place within the village. One at The Grove, one at the bus-stop at the start of St Botolph’s Way and two at St Martin’s Church. As and when permission by Landowners is given for the planned 5 benches, to be placed alongside particularly good view points on the network of footpaths, they will be installed.
• X-BT boxes. Both boxes have been refurbished and are now a credit to the village.
The box on the Street remains as the ‘Defibrillator’ box. The box at The Grove has been fitted with shelves and it is hoped it will become a ‘GIVE and TAKE’ box for books and magazines.
• Footpaths. The whole meeting paid a fulsome tribute to Maureen Lister who has very ably run the Footpath Walkers team. They have successfully helped report concerns about the splendid network of footpaths. The Annual Report is being reviewed and action will be taken to meet all the expressed concerns.
• The Trinity. The Chairman reported on a meeting with key personnel from the Mercers which looked at the possibility of the village ..through the Parish Council.. having access to improved secure storage.
• Training/The Projector. The operation of the new projector, which was successfully used for the sharing of the details of Planning Applications above, was carefully explained by S Dinsdale. Authorisation was given for Slim to proceed with the acquisition of the extras e.g. a wifi connector and extra cables .to ensure the projector can be fully utilised.
• Greenhill Garage 2016/1870. No response has been received from the planning officer dealing with the original application. The enforcement officer, Mr A Baines, did reply promptly. He explaining that it would take a little time to produce an informed response. He was thanked for his promptness. The members asked to be kept up to date on any progress.

The next meeting ..a Planning Meeting….will be held at 7.30pm at The Trinity on 1st September if a planning application is received.
JKGough The Clerk.