PC mins Jan 2017

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Minutes of the meeting of Shotesham Parish Council held at the Trinity Hall at 7.30pm on 5th of January 2017.
In attendance were …, H Jackson, J Nott, J Guy, H Walker, M Dyke and K Dyke plus Mrs J Banham
1. Apologies received and accepted from C C A Thomas, DC F Ellis and S Dinsdale.
2. The minutes of the 1st of December were agreed and signed.
3. Income/Precept/Budget discussion for 2017/18.
• Recommended for 2017/18 that income is set at £6000.
• South Norfolk grant £57 for Shotesham
• Precept to be requested set at £ 5943.
• Income = Grant + Precept= 57 + 5943= 6000.
Impact on parishioners.
• In 2016/17 the Band D charge was ………£24.50
• Tax base for 2017/18 is 243.
• Above request would result in the tax base being set at Precept/Tax base.
• That is 5947/243 =£24.46
Thus there would be no change for parishioners in 2017/18.

4. Determination of Planning Application …Valley Farm 2016/2849
The council was fully in support of the application as previously.
The following points were made ….
• The conversion of the semi-derelict barns into domestic premises is the best possible solution for the village.
• Supported the sensitive use of smaller windows with discrete roof lights
• Agreed with the supporting letter from Mr Howard re that the barn could not be economically converted into a usable working barn.
• Recognised that the neighbours were fully in support of the application
• The conversion would add another family to the outer edge of the village helping to tie it in to our community.
5. Updates.
• The CPRE request for support would be circulated and comments directed back to the Clerk.
• SAM was still active and useful data was being gathered.[see Contact Dec/January issue.]
• Defibrillator box would soon have its signs changed .
• Everyone had positive support for the Highways work on the previously collapsed bank.
• Footpaths signs were nearly complete. It was agreed to go ahead with way-mark posts once the way-marks themselves had been received from Highways. THANK YOU to them.
• The Council supported the move to prepare for the 100th year of the end of the First World War. Mrs Rosemarie Gough was asked to start planning for another exhibition on the weekend of November 12th 2018. The Clerk was asked to book The Trinity for the event. Further steps would be set out and agreed at future meetings.

The next meeting is a Planning Meeting [subject to applications being received] at 7.30pm at The Trinity on 2nd February 2017.