Parish Council AGM 2016

SHOTESHAM PARISH COUNCIL to be approved at next meeting
Becmead, Shotesham St Mary, NR15 1UJ.Contact 01508550358.. email

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of Shotesham Parish Council held at the Trinity Hall at 8.20pm on Wednesday 4th of May 2016

In attendance were …,
H Jackson, J Nott, M Dyke, H Walker S Dinsdale, J Guy. K Dyke and local councillor F Ellis.

Also in attendance parishioner … S Astbury,

1. Apologies
Apologies received from M Riches and CC A Thomas.
2. Appointment of Officers.

• H Jackson was appointed as Chairman.
The acceptance form was signed and counter signed by the Clerk.
• J Nott was appointed as Vice Chairman.

3. Confirmation of appointment of key personnel..
• The Clerk as Finance Officer and Proper Officer
• The Tree Warden …Mr R Woollacott.
• The Footpath Walker …Mrs M Lister
• The Internal Auditor …Mr R Harris.

4. The Financial Summary
The end of year accounts were presented and accepted.
A copy is filed with these minutes.

****The next meeting is an ad-hoc Planning Meeting to be held in June if needed .

****A date will be arranged in late June for the presentation of the fully audited accounts prior to their being sent to the National Auditor and being placed on the Village Website.

The meeting closed.