‘May I thank the village for their kind donations on behalf of the team, I have been an operational member of the team for a year now. I thought it would be good to set out a bit more of what we do.

Norfolk Lowland Search and Rescue (NORLSAR) work throughout Norfolk and lowland Great Britain, the environments can be both urban and rural. NORLSAR assist in response to search and rescue requests from the police, providing specialized search and rescue capabilities to help find missing people. NORLSAR have the capability to assist police during extreme weather conditions, together with partner agencies.

NORLSAR are members of the Association of Lowland Search and Rescue (ALSAR) and will assist member teams in Search and Rescue across lowland Britain, when assistance is requested.

NORLSAR uses trained people and dogs to search any terrain found in lowland Britain. We use a wide range of techniques and equipment backed up with the latest missing persons data and methodologies. NORLSAR have always endorsed and encouraged investigation surrounding faster and more efficient search and rescue techniques. Over the years NORLSAR have adopted many of these search techniques and, together with other ALSAR teams in the United Kingdom, continue to advance Search and Rescue efforts within lowland Britain.

Unfortunately, despite expectations from the public, Search and Rescue within the United Kingdom receives no government funding. We are totally reliant fundraising to keep the team going. That is why we were very please that we were the chosen charity for this year’s Carol service.

So many thanks again, Henry Walker’