Minutes – 7 Dec 2017

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Minutes of the meeting of Shotesham Parish Council held at the Trinity Hall at 7.30pm on 7th of December 2017.

In attendance were …, H Jackson, J Nott, J Guy, K Dyke, S Dinsdale, H Walker, M Dyke and CC A Thomas. Apologies were received and accepted from DC F Ellis.

1. Minutes of meeting of the 9th of November 2017 were approved and signed as a correct record.
2. Budget/Precept for 2018/19
• It was agreed to maintain the budget at £6,000. This will result in a slight rise in the precept as the ‘grant’ from the District Council will be reduced for 2018/19 and likely to be zero for 2019/2020.
• The broad outline agreed in previous meeting remains unchanged. Any unforeseen large expenditure will be met from the Reserves/Development fund.
• The increase in charges of the playing field contact was noted. The high quality of service received by the parish from Norse meant the new contract was accepted. It was agreed to commit to a 5 year contract.
• A lively discussion was had over the number of dog bins. It was agreed to continue with the 4 existing sites.
3. Parish Matters
• Only 2 parishioners responded to the Homewatch entry in contact. It was agreed to support these individual initiatives rather than the hoped-for village wide scheme.
• The conservation area. The Clerk outlined the initial discussions around the possible future shape of the reviewed Shotesham Conservation Area. Members were assured that when a first, very preliminary, draft is received from Mr Beckett it will be immediately placed on the agenda for members consideration.
Playing Field. Members were in agreement to take steps to improve the general condition of the playing field. Kim Dyke offered to join the Chairman and the Clerk in coordinating the work over the next year or so. The early thoughts were……..

• The borders, especially on the wooded/roadside’ will need to be ‘walked’ to check for stones/street furniture etc etc
• The existing creep of the rough ground cover into the grassed playing field area will be tackled with a ‘chain’ mower. This will allow the re-establishment of the full size of the ‘grassed’ area.
• The areas adjoining the perimeter fences and the entrance needs cutting and the material removed. Then periodically cut and material removed.
• Job description/Contract of employment of the Clerk.
• A series of draft documents were produced. A set were given to the Clerk for reading during the festive season and electronic copies of the key documents would be sent by email to members.
• The Clerk will contact the NALC to ask/request their thoughts of their undertaking of a review of the minimum hours required to undertake the duties…a time of 4 hours per week was set at the beginning of 2000. It now needs review and updating.
• The CC A Thomas advised she would contact other villages of a similar size in her patch to seek their employment documentation.

CC A Thomas was invited to update the parish council on matter relating to NCC.
• The formal result of the latest Ofsted visit will be known in January. The, much improved, quality of performance of the authority already recognised by councillors will, it is firmly hoped, be reflected in the Ofsted findings!
• Much energy is being spent to attempt to meet the demands to save significant sums to bring the overall expenditure into balance. Specific decisions will become clear in the months ahead…e.g. the grant paid to compensate disabled people for extra demands on services they need to make.is being reviewed. The outcome may see arise in the allowance the most severely disabled.
• A visit to the village by the new ‘Shotesham’ Highways Officer Gary Overland was successful. 2 key areas were looked at. The repaired bank in Market lane and the flooding at the junction of Rogers Lane and Keepers Lane.

Next meeting. A planning meeting arranged for 14th November at 5.45pm at the Trinity.

J K Gough,
The Clerk, Shotesham Parish Council