Minutes – Mar 18

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Minutes of the meeting of Shotesham Parish Council held at the Trinity at 7.30 pm on 1st of March 2018.

1. Apologies received and accepted from K Dyke, M Dyke, H Walker, DC F Ellis and CC A Thomas.

2. The minutes of the 1st of February were accepted and signed.

3. Conservation Area…The members noted that the meeting with Mr Beckett was postponed to the next meeting on 5th of April. This will allow members to share their ideas and hear in more detail the SNDC position.

4. Greater Norwich Plan. Two areas are being considered within Shotesham, the area next to the Bowling Green and an area that encompasses the playing field. These were the focus of informed discussion. Members reported back on the ‘road shows’ which were helpful but gave no real insights. The following points emerged from the members discussion.
• The first call on development within Norfolk should be the fulfilment of existing approvals.
• Shotesham Parish Council signed ‘The Pledge’ in collaboration with CPRE affirming that it agreed that no more planning applications should be approved until the ‘bank’ of approvals already attained are very substantially reduced. This remains the parishes position.
• Greenfield sites should not be considered until all brownfield sites have been identified and occupied.
• Any additional sites, of any size, should have the required infrastructure ..schools, shops, pavements, sensible traffic flow, bus services etc etc in place before being considered.

Given the above the members felt they were not able to support the GNLP’s development proposals in general and within Shotesham in particular.

Notwithstanding the above they accept fully that they have a duty to consider reasoned, fully documented planning applications put before them as part of their role within the overall planning process of SNDC…….especially where an application has an overall benefit to the village.

5. Parish matters

Litter Pick Weekend. The 17/18th of March is still on and it is hoped the snow etc will have cleared by then. Members are asked to encourage neighbours to take part to help improve the village.
Playing Field. A very successful meeting of villagers resulted in 3 trailer loads of ‘rubbish’ being removed from the scrub area and a balance of conservation and reclamation of the ground to re-establish the grass, was achieved.
Jon Nott also reported that the ‘chain-strim’ has taken place.
We await the visit from NORSE to see what next is needed in the recovery programme.
Steps will be taken to clear around and protect a number of single trees….it is hoped to involve the village youngsters in the process.
Registering Village Assets. Members agreed the key assets should be protected and the initial focus should be on 4 sites
• The Playing field.
• The Globe.
• The Bowling Green
• The Glebe land at Hawes Green.

The next steps are to discuss with the Village Association and, of course, the site owners. Hopefully with the support of the SVA the necessary information for a submission can be brought together.
Recycling. Lisa Fountain of SNDC has agreed to attend the May3rd AGM when the focus will be on recycling. With a better understanding and a clear picture of what goes where recycling can be increased and possibly less items bought that need recycling.
The children’s playing area. If no progress is made in the next 2 weeks the Chairman and the Clerk are authorised to write formally on behalf of the parish council to the Mercers expressing their concerns.

The next meeting will be at 7.30pm at the Trinity on April 5th 2018.

J K Gough, The Clerk, Shotesham Parish Council