Minutes 18 June 20

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Minutes of the virtual meeting of Shotesham Parish Council held via ‘Zoom’ on 18th of June at 7.30 pm. 

  • Apologies for absence.

DC Florence Ellis intended to join the meeting but was unable to do so due to a technical difficulty

  • Approval of the minutes of 7th of May 2020.

The minutes were approved.

  • Planning Application… Shotesham Park 2020/0885 and 0886

The meeting approved the application.

  • There was a concern over the possible loss of trees. The meeting was pleased to note that no major specimen trees will be lost.  Indeed, the planting of hedging etc will more than replace any trees lost.
  • Access will be via Knights Lane to the development. The narrowness of the lane is recognised and steps are being considered to ensure it can handle expected traffic flow.
  • The development proposed to reconfigure the current stables met with complete approval.
  • Matters of business

Defibrillator and Phone Book Boxes.

                  i).  The work, as set out, needed on both the ‘Defibrillator Box’ and the ‘Phone Books Box’ was discussed and agreed that it should go ahead.

                       Contact will be made with Mr Stokes to put the work in hand as soon as possible.

                  ii). Re: Defibrillator Box     Concern was expressed over the present constraints that stops the door from ‘crashing’ open in high winds. Guidance will be sought.

                  iii) Re: Phone Books Box    Guidance will be sought on the cause of the damage to the lower wooden structure and then a remedy put in place.

             The unacceptable increase in the roadside disposal of ‘dog-poo-bags’.

                       After a thorough review of the impact of removal of one of the ‘dog’ bins it was agreed to replace the fourth bin. 

                       A check of the current pollution will help determine the appropriate site. A final decision will be made as to a fourth bins’ sighting at the next meeting. 

                       Signs will also be considered to ‘encourage’ dog walkers to take their bags home or to use one of the bins.

              Poor quality of Broadband across parts of the parish.

                     A proposal to review the effective Broadband access across the parish was welcomed. A survey will set the variation in the strengths being received. 

                     With this evidence, both the District and County Council will be approached, to help achieve ‘good’ access to all residents.

             Footpath maintenance.

                    Jill reported on the excellent quality of the standard of maintenance on our footpath network. Local landowners to be thanked.

             The meeting closed
             J K Gough, The Clerk