Minutes, 1 December 2016

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Minutes of the meeting of Shotesham Parish Council held at the Trinity Hall at 7.30pm on 1st of December 2016
In attendance were …, H Jackson, J Nott, J Guy, H Walker, M Dyke, S Dinsdale and K Dyke plus D C F Ellis.
1. Apologies
Apologies received and accepted from C C A Thomas
2. The minutes of the 3rd of November were agreed and signed.
3. Precept/Budget discussion.
• Members recognised the historical attempt by the previous Parish Council to mitigate as far as it could the impact on residents of the recession by holding the precept at £6000.
• After detailed discussion it was agreed
i). to increase the grant to the PCC of £600 to £800 next year…..specifically for grass cutting at All Saints and St. Mary’s…… subject to a final decision in January.
ii). to work with the PCC and the SVA re the funding of the 2 ruined churches of St. Martin and St. Botolphs. There was a recognition that these features and the All Saints and St. Mary’s, the main Common and Stubbs Green, the work the conservation group does at the Pond/Stubbs Green/Church Hill etc etc, the playing field, the footpaths and the footpath walkers make our village ‘special’
iii). Final decision on the precept will be made at the January meeting.
• Members raised the contract/job description/salary of the Clerk. J Nott and H Walker will review matters and report back.
4. Urgent Business
• S Dinsdale reported that the defibrillator had been checked and was not part of the batch where the manufacturer expressed concern.
• Jon Nott volunteered to reappraise the outside of the defibrillator box…re signage.
• Members were urged to encourage people to use the ‘Free-Book’ box at The Grove.

DC Ellis shared her understanding on the present position of the “ Eastern Power House” …and also brought the Members up to date with day to day position of SNDC>

** Members Thanked DC Ellis for her much valued year of service to the residents of Shotesham and looked forward to continuing to work together in 2017.

Next Meeting …..7.30pm at the Trinity on Thursday 5th of January 2017 ..
.Main item .Finalisation of the Budget/Precept.