Gardening Hints and Tips

Week 3, 13th April – And as the growing season gets into its swing, here’s this week’s gardening tip….
When you plant parsnip & carrot seeds, place a piece of wood over the seeds after you have watered well. This will help keep the seeds moist and at an even temperature, then after waiting 8 to 10 days to allow the seeds to germinate, check then and remove wood!!
Week 2, 6th April – Tips for this week, if your herb seeds haven’t arrived, you can always try to get pre-planted ones from supermarkets, split them and pot pot them up. They should be kept in relative shade initially and don’t despair if they look somewhat floppy for a wee while. Now is the time to get potatoes, carrots and parsnips directly into the ground then stand back and watch them grow!
Unopened grow bags from last year can be used this year, but you should start feeding them early as the plant food within them might be depleted. Also, used grow bags are good for adding to your garden as compost.
Good luck with your growing and if you have any questions, let me know via Contact Us above. 
Week 1, 29th March. 
As promised, here’s this week’s garden tips for enthusiasts and beginners alike. 
Firstly….don’t panic! there’s plenty of time to sow seeds and even with the current restrictions on travelling etc, there’s plenty of places to get all the things you need. 

Loads of suppliers on line are still operating and will deliver for a small charge.
Organic Garden Catalogue – ,
Kings Seeds – and
Plants of Distinction – 

Locally, Kirstead Garden Centre will deliver plants, compost etc and are getting more seed in, you can visit their website – – Whilst delivering to a number of different addresses in Shotesham, Homesteads have mentioned how much easier it would be for them to take one order and deliver to one address. Heather Jackson has offered to coordinate for Shotesham, so if you would like to use this facility and create more space for the guys at Homestead, you can contact Heather on 550785 or 
Green Pastures in Bergh Apton – – 01508 480734, will also deliver, but check how far away you are as their charges are £1/mile over 5miles. 
If you’re having trouble getting compost, plants and other gardening sundries, The Foundry Garden Centre on the A140 has been recommended by a resident. ‘It was very easy, I went to their website made a list, phoned them and I got through straight away, ordered and paid, they gave me a time slot, which for me was the following morning. They then leave everything on a pallet by the top gate with your name and receipt. It was so easy and efficient and I didn’t see anybody!’ Foundry 01508 470357
Even more locally, a message from our resident Shotesham Green Fingers, Christine Burton, who is happy to help out and even puts up with my complete gardening ignorance!! 
‘I have hundreds of pots so text me if you need some. I am growing extra plants as are other people in the village, and those will be made available for a donation which will go to the food bank. Get busy, stay fit and most of all enjoy it!!  And, if you’re new to gardening there are so many videos on youtube….Charles Dowding Time Line for sowing seed, and RHS (Royal Horticultural Society).
Also looking at ways to get kids involved with a little fun.’ 
You can text Christine on 07740842460 (calling doesn’t always work in her potting shed!). 
Good luck with the gardening and watch this space for more hints and tips to come (also available at Tlll next time….Stay Safe, ken
ps, you don’t have to stay two metres away from a potato 😆