Exhibition on V2 Rocket Explosion

Shotesham and the V2 Rocket – 70th Anniversary exhibition


At 9.25am on 6th October 1944 a German V2 rocket exploded in Joy’s Loke, narrowly missing All Saints church and Shotesham school.

The Shotesham Village Association has used the 70th Anniversary of this event as the focus of a project to interview some of the residents of the village who were either at the school on that day or were children during the Second World War. The interviewees were also asked about their memories of their childhood in Shotesham.

Everyone is invited to a small, free exhibition in the Trinity Hall from 11.30am-4pm on Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th October.

The exhibition includes extracts of the interviews and various photographs which we hope will give a flavour of life in the village in the 1940’s. We are also delighted to include a section on the Stoke Holy Cross radar station.