County Broadband

How is this different to what I already have? I already have fibre?

The majority of your current provision is called FTTC (fibre to the cabinet). This delivers your broadband via a fibre cable to the green cabinet in the village. The cabinet then delivers your service via a copper cable to your home. This network is not entirely delivered via fibre. Copper provision can cause numerous issues for users, including:

  • Unreliable service – speeds are very low and inconsistent, it also frequently completely drops out
  • Copper is degrading- it was built 50+ years ago to carry phone signals not broadband/data signals
  • Working at its maximum capacity and the current highest claimed speed is only 80mbps!
  • No choice of going faster- most providers you go with such as BT, EE, TalkTalk etc will all use the same copper cable that’s in place currently.
  • Distance from the green cabinet hugely affects speed as it is further the data signal has to face the resistance of the degrading copper

What do County Broadband do and why?

We look to build a brand-new green cabinet at no upfront cost to the community, with brand new fibre cables running all the way to the property with no copper whatsoever. In terms of delivery, we have an agreement with Openreach to use the existing infrastructure which means we do not necessarily have to dig up roads/driveways to install our network, as a preference we look to follow the current route of delivery. The key benefits of a full fibre connection are;

  • Speeds up to 1000mb/s on a symmetrical service where the upload and download speeds are the same
  • Due to much greater bandwidth, FTTP networks don’t suffer from contention in the same manner as the old copper connections
  • The service is consistent, no matter your distance from the green cabinet or exchange
  • Freedom to choose how fast you want to go, choose what suits your needs and you can always move up through the packages
  • Add value to your home – broadband is now of vital importance when purchasing a house since the global pandemic (people working from home etc) and the way we use the internet is constantly increasing with TV streaming services, music, CCTV
  • Save money- our basic package could be cheaper than your current package for a faster, more reliable and future proof solution

To be clear, we are not asking people to switch their broadband provider today or cancel their current contract. We are looking to build a more reliable, secure, faster and future proof network at no upfront cost to your community, if there is sufficient demand. We are not asking people to pay anything today.

Change is a good thing!

I am sure you are aware of the County Broadband full fibre project in your village. As part of our ongoing commitment to our residents, we are keen to always offer the very best value proposition possible. So we have changed our current proposition. We want to be leading from the front and offering you the very best speeds available, for some of the best prices. Our pre-order agreement still stands, which allows us to build to your village at no cost to the community.

A pre-order is free to place and secures your property in our build plans. A pre-order will entitle you to:

  • Free Standard Installation (worth £225)
  • Free High Spec router (worth £150)
  • Up to 12 months free usage of our service whilst seeing out your existing contract at the speed of your chosen plan
  • Unlimited data and are symmetrical, so upload and download speed are the same!
  • Free VOIP telephone line – Unlimited Inbound calls & 10p per minute on outbound calls (phone plans are still available for those who feel they need more)
  • Keep your existing landline number for free!
  • All plans are 24 months starting once your existing contract ends, fixed at the price you pre order at
  • All plans are also a fixed price for the 24 months – Meaning NO annual increase with inflation or CPI

Our New Fibre plans

Full Fibre 100 mbps – £33.99 per month

Full Fibre 200 mbps – £35.99 per month

Full Fibre 300 mbps – £37.99 per month

Full Fibre 600 mbps – £49.99 per month

Full Fibre 900 mbps – £69.99 per month

Phone Plans
Everyone who pre-orders a fibre plan will receive a free VOIP phone line with unlimited inbound calls and outbound calls at 10p per minute. For those customers who are still actively using their landlines and feel they will need a call plan to keep costs fixed can choose from the following;

Phone basic
– unlimited landline calls for £6 per month
Phone standard – unlimited landline and mobile calls for £13 per month
Phone international – unlimited landline, mobile and international calls for £17 per month

If you would like to pre-order, you can simply reply to this email with which package you would like, and I can do the rest for you with the details you have already provided previously.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to get in touch as my details are at the bottom of this email.

Kind Regards, Simon

Simon Biddulph 07946169577
Community Sales Executive  |  01376 562002  
Old Bourchiers Hall, New Road, Aldham, Essex, CO6 3QU