Minutes 5th Dec 2019

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Minutes of the meeting of Shotesham Parish Council held on 5th of December 2019.

  • Apologies for absence were received from Mr S Dinsdale and CC A Thomas.
  • The minutes of 3rd of October were received as a correct record.
  • Planning application.
  • The Globe. The Street.  2019/2242. ……………………..Agreed.

The meeting asked that the restoration work is sympathetic to this old building and respects the fact that is within the conservation area of the village.

  • Land south of Greenhill. 2019/2359. …………………..Refused 
  • The members of the parish council have concerns that the enforcement officer could not/did not issue an order to desist in such a sensitive position and as it is in a conservation area. It was noted that both South Norfolk and the Planning Inspector refused planning permission for a bungalow at this site where ‘sensitivity’ was a key factor!
  • An impression may have been left with owners that it is acceptable to proceed without permission and to only make an application in retrospect. This is unacceptable to the parish council.

In respect to the application itself….

  • The application suggests there was a ‘hardcore’ base already in situ for the new drive way and only a simple topping was added. Local reports do not accept this statement. There are reports that plastic sheeting and bare earth was on view. No photographic evidence is available.
  • No steps have been taken to respect that the site is within the conservation area and thus deserves/demands special treatment. 
  • The installed black coloured drive is not in keeping with its surroundings. Officially it is still arable land so planings not appropriate. Indeed, when planning approval was given for a ‘special’ building next door [now lapsed,] the driveways were to be created of ‘honeycomb’ material that could bear the weight of a vehicle but would remain ‘green’. [as the grass grew through the honeycomb].
  • The dark ‘gash’ the current drive represents is easily seen from the higher ground opposite thus will mar a valued and cherished view across the valley.
  • The parish council ‘may’ have approved a more sympathetic surface. For example, a honeycomb surface which would be primarily green.  
  • Old Hall Barn, Hawes Green. 2019/2386………..Agreed

This is a minor amendment to the existing and valid planning approval.

  • Financial update.
  • Members agreed the review of expenditure to date and predicted balance of the account
  • Conformation was given that the spend pattern for 2019/20 should be repeated in 20/21 with one exception. This was after considerable discussion. It was agreed to reduce the number of dog bins from 4 to 3. There has been concern about the ‘smell’ from the bin next to the bench opposite the common. This will now be removed at the end of March. This is the least used bin of the 4 in the village. The nearest dog bin is some 100 or so metres away at the foot of church hill.
  • No new items of expenditure for inclusion in 2020/21 were presented to the meeting.
  • It was agreed to increase the overall budget by the annual inflation figure. The percentage will be calculated and the members advised for comment/agreement.
    Matters of business
  • Remembrance Day 8th November ..100th anniversary of the memorial

Steps are in hand to ‘service’ the memorial by a local builder. Mr Nott will oversee the work needed and report back in due course.
A variation of the remembrance ceremony was suggested with a hope that we may involve the young people of the village. This will be confirmed at a subsequent meeting. 

  • Footpaths… Progress report

The footpath coordinator and her team of walkers, supported by the lead councillor Mrs Guy, results in a combined contribution to one of the special features of our village ..the footpath network..and is greatly appreciated. 

Nevertheless a path does remain blocked. Members asked the Clerk and Chairman to use every means to resolve that impasse.

  • Community Assets. The Bowls Club.

Papers have been prepared. There is now need to acquire a ‘map’ showing the extent of the site. Steps are being taken complete this final step. On completion of the map the application can proceed. Mr Walker was thanked for his work on this important submission. 

  • Playing field…  dumping of rubbish.

After a continuous and very successful effort to improve the boundary to the playing field it was a considerable disappointment to find someone had dumped rubbish in one corner next to Forge Cottage. The owners of Forge Cottage have readily agreed to monitor their boundary and report any further ‘dumping’ incidents. Action will then be taken against the perpetrators.

  • The memorial bench for The Grove. 

The bench is in place and the 3 key people involved …..Raz and Laura Woollacott and Gary Benson have been thanked.

  • January 2020 meeting ..First Thursday is 2nd January. 

The Clerk will advise the table Tennis Group that PC would wish to use the 9th January if a ‘planning ’meeting is deemed necessary, thus releasing the 2nd. 

Every effort will be made to decide if there is a need to use the 9th  as early as possible.


J K Gough, The Clerk