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Ken Munro is the news editor. Please let him know about village news and events via Contact Us on the main menu or on 07880801674.

Shotesham Ford – Norfolk Council have given notice that Mill Lane either side of the Ford will continue to be closed until further notice, click here for notice and alternative routes. 

Naidens Lane – looks like we’re slowly being closed in! After a walk through Naidens Lane, NCC have decided to close this road(?) / bridleway / footpath until further notice. As there is no repair plan as yet, there is no estimate on when it will re-open. 

A Shotesham winter sunset…..bootiful!
…and a Christmas sunset!
….and, just as we head into a cold snap, was Tom Higgin’s early daffodil (7th Jan) the first sign of Spring? 

Despite the beauty of our village, we now have two plants which we need to be vigilant for :-We have an increasing problem with the plant Alexanders (see photo below) which, although edible, is extremely invasive and threatens to overwhelm our other wild flowers. This year we hope to make a significant impact on its growth. If you have any in your garden or on your boundary can you make an effort to destroy it, now before it makes seed.  To help identify it if you’re not familiar with this plant we have put pictures on the notice boards and website. Click here for more info 
And, talking of invasive plants, there is another important and very recent problem with the arrival of significant areas of Hemlock. This appeared in abundance last year along the roadside to Stoke, on the common near the horse chestnut tree and a little on church hill (and in the editor’s garden!!) amongst other places. This as its name suggests is a highly poisonous plant, especially its seeds and remains so even when it is dry. It is potentially dangerous to cattle and perhaps to children who could be tempted to use the hollow stems as peashooters.
Only a little was cut  last year even though we tried to make people aware of it and this year it seems  stronger, both of these plants should be taken seriously. Click here for photos, and Norfolk Wildlife Trust will give advice on clearing this in sensitive areas. 
The DIARY – Click here

A Shotesham Warm Welcome – continues on Thursday afternoons at the Trinity until the end of April, after that it will be once a month, probably at Heather’s garden.Wwe look forward to seeing you there.

Shotesham yoga –  yoga continues on a weekly basis from 18.30 – 19.30 on Wednesdays. Enquiries via our very own Shotesham Yoga teacher, Kendra –kendracollier0@gmail.com or 07748009411

And Pilates Class now active at Shotesham Park…NEW CLASS Pilates Sculpt

Walking in Shotesham –  The first Sunday in every month will now become the regular walk day, There is a  WhatsApp group which will be organising other impromptu walks, for info or to join contact Ken via WhatsApp on 07880801674.
A windy walk in Feb below, cya in May!
Can one of you twolegs make your minds up!

Shotesham Screen….new season starts in September.

The SVA AGM was held on Wed 26th March, 7.30pm at Trinity Hall. A reasonably well attended meeting and the Chair duly changed hands with Ken stepping down and Tom Higgin now in it, and the committee continues as last year…but no volunteers to join us! We should keep in mind that, if we want Shotesham to continue to be provided with everything that goes on, we need to have committee members and volunteers to help out, don’t forget, ‘Your Village Needs You’!! 

Of course AGM time is also SVA donation time and, despite huge inflationary pressures, the ctte’s suggested donation amount remains only £3 per person. Many thanks to all who have already contributed, but if by any chance you forgot, a remittance sheet can be found here with all the details – SVA M’ship App, 24
Thank you in advance for continuing to support our village.

Moon shine on the Globe, and all the SVA committee hard work inside!

Sunday 28th April – we have the return of the much vaunted and world renowned Shotesham DuckRace will start at 12pm on Sunday 28th. This is only a bit of fun and ducksare £1 each principally to provide a few prizes. As happened last time, The Globe was a great selling place for ducks, so once again they will be available there from 2nd April and also from Ken at resotan@aol.com. Ducksare all numbered so you can just pick a number, or you can take yours home and decorate in any manner you wish. They can also be weighted at the bottom to assist keeping them upright if you want. Finally, if you decorated yours or had your name on it last time and want to keep the same one, contact Ken at the above email address and we’ll reserve it for you, click here for Duck Race, personal ducks   All ducks have to be at the bridge at Hollow Lane by 12 midday, you can return yours to The Globe or to Ken, or take them to the bridge yourself. Let’s hope the sun shines and the Beck is well watered. See here for rules and guidelines

Finally for the moment, we have a  date of Saturday 6th July for our Shotesham Midsummer Gala which, as well as all the normal entertainments,  will be based on the activities of the village, and hopefully it will be followed by some evening entertainment.
More info on all three of these events will follow soon, but in the meantime, the fete at least is dependant on the support of villagers to go ahead, and we’ll be in touch with those of you who mentioned you’d like to help with the planning or at the Fete, but assistance with the other events would also be greatly appreciated. Any enquiries regarding assistance can be sent to Ken on resotan@aol.com.

Christmas Eve Carols round the Tree, whilst this event was again a great success, once again All Saints Church was full & indeed overflowing, and some people didn’t get in. After due consideration the SVA, along with the PCC, has decided that we’ll run the event the same as we did during lockdown. The church will be open for refreshments and to enjoy the efforts of the young community members in decorating, but Carol singing will all be outside here we can fit everyone in. The sound system is under review to ensure everyone will hear.


Fun Runners – 31st Dec..

Shotesham Common – The Trustees of Shotesham Common have been given permission by Natural England and will be continuing to carry out some work on the common over the following months. Just to explain what we are doing and why:
We will be manually cutting back sections of the banks of the beck on an annual basis, where Willow Herb has dominated, to enable birds and mammals to have access to the water.
We will be manually cutting Alder saplings and trees. Over the years these have changed the open landscape and caused drying out of the wetland meadows, which is contrary to the management agreement we have with Natural England.
If you would like any further information, contact either Ed Howard edhoward54@gmail.com or myself floracot@btinternet.com.
Bernie Fenn, for Trustees of Shotesham Common

Wildlife in Shotesham – who knew we had so many different wildlife species on our doorstep?! Village resident, Andy Musgrove is busy collecting and collating them all and, whilst in his own words he hasn’t got them all yet, click here for a few to be getting on with. Careful though, it could make your hair stand on end!!

…And in Joys Loke….

 Courtesy of Tom Higgin

St Martins Church looking good – also see video at St Martin’s Church sub menu via Churches and the PCC heading above – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iMfP1tx642g  (copy and paste link) 

Despite all the apparent awareness, people are still looking to take advantage of any weaknesses. As always, please keep an eye out for any unusual activity, DO NOT give out any private or secure info over the telephone, and remember that if you spot anything suspicious the police can be contacted by phoning 101. 

 SCAM AWARE! – A number of new scams have been notified by Norfolk Association of Local Councils, some of which I certainly haven’t heard of before and are well worth checking out – click on this link for details – https://mailchi.mp/52e6f8561225/scams-dont-get-fooled-again?e=7f9e357c98

Community information….

Hints and Tips for correct recycling – click here What goes in your recycling bin. 2023

Info and consultation on Greater Norwich Local Plan….

National Grid. – the second non-statutory consultation on Norwich to Tilbury (formerly known as East Anglia GREEN) has been completed, South Norfolk Council’s response attached here for your information.
Our response will also be placed on 2022/1116 a planning application which has specifically been set up to enable documents and responses to be placed in the public domain.
Please do not hesitate to contact me should you wish to discuss.
Kind regards
Claire Curtis
Area Team Manager
t  01508 533788 e  claire.curtis@southnorfolkandbroadland.gov.uk  

All further info is available on AW website at https://www.nationalgrid.com/electricity-transmission/network-and-infrastructure/infrastructure-projects/norwich-to-tilbury/public-consultation

Hornsea3update from Hornsea Community

Review of Residential Care across Norfolk, read more here

Anglian Water’s Priority Services Register is in place to help lots of people with different needs and is completely free, click here for more info

Local Council ‘stuff’

An important message from Local Councillor Allison

Dear All,
Please see attached a flyer (at the link below) promoting our current engagement with users of Adult Social Care. We want to know what works, what needs to change and anything else people wish to share with us. This will help ensure that the services we develop in the future meet the needs of those we seek to support. 
If you are able to share this with your network it would be most appreciated.
Kind regards
County Councillor for Stratton Division
Cabinet Member for Adult Social Care
..and one from Care Choices on behalf of Norfolk Council, click here

Norfolk Citizens Advice have launched a new initiative to assist individuals in need – Grants for Individuals in need database. The database is funded as part of the Coordinated Community Support Programme and is open access on the Norfolk Citizens Advice website. The database contains largely small local grant giving organisations that operate in Norfolk.
The webpage contains:

  • Brief information on how to use the database
  • A short video demonstration
  • A tips document on maximising successful applications with hints and tips from grant organisation trustees
  • A feedback link to report out of date information, suggest organisations to include,  or just give feedback on your experience of using the database

Norfolk & Norwich University Hospital’s ‘Settle in Services’ are looking for dedicated volunteers who wish to give something back to their local community. Volunteers meet patients on their day of discharge from hospital to help settle them back in to their own environment. Click here for more information 

For assistance with power cuts, please click this link from UK Power Networks

Thinking Fuel – If you feel you may be paying too much for your oil, Community Action Norfolk (CAN) have a scheme that may assist. Click here to see how you might save and here to see how it works, or go directly to the CAN website for more details.

Our new local police officer is  PC Tom Goodrum who now holds the position of Poringland Beat Manager, Tom can be contacted at Thomas.goodrum1@norfolk.police.uk 

Selected older news items are retained on the “News archive” page)