Shotesham weddings

Many people over the years have married within the village of Shotesham. For those couples who would like to join in, we are pleased to be able to show a photograph of the happy day. If you have your own Shotesham wedding memories and would like them included please get in touch via the “Contact Us” page.

We are delighted to be able to start the display with the wedding of Maurice and Tanya Harrison held on 7th June 2014.

(Please click the thumbnail to enlarge the picture)

Maurice and Tanya

and next, looking back a little further: The wedding of Ivor and Noreen Downing on 28th March 1964 followed by a photo from their Golden Wedding celebration at Caistor Hall in March 2014

Ivor and Noreen 1    Ivor and Noreen 2

Charlotte and Sam Masters wedding on 24.04.14 in Shotesham All Saints

Charlotte Masters   Charlotte Masters 2

And bringing it up to date, our latest Shotesham resident’s wedding was that of Dr Gwenda Porter’s marriage to London based barrister Richard Oughton Esq. On a lovely sunny Saturday 29th June 2019, a large and happy crowd gathered to wish them the very best for their future together.