Theft at St Mary’s

It appears that some persons proposed to steal lead from the roof of the side chapel of St Mary’s church. They disturbed a parapet stone only to discover that the roof covering is now Sarnafil not lead. The displaced stone is visible now from the ground on the north side of the church.

Also the old coin safe beside the door has been partly eased off the wall, it is purely decorative and not used. If these activities are connected the job may have been done during daylight while the church is open. If not then two visits would have been needed, one to attack the safe and look for lead on the roof, and one after dark to try to remove it.

I imagine that access to the roof would not have been possible without a long ladder and presumably a van. I am reporting this to the crime prevention officer but wonder if anyone has seen suspicious activity in the area of Hawes Green.

If you have any information that may be useful, please contact John at 

best wishes

John Torbitt
Church Warden.