PC Minutes 4 Mar 19

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Minutes of the meeting of Monday 4th of March 2019 held at 6.30 at The Trinity.

All members of the parish council were present.
Also, in attendance….Master Hugh Walker, Gabi Bolton, John Small.

1. Planning Application
• Vallevista 2019/0375

Mr Small and Ms Bolton were welcomed by the Chairman. They were asked to present their application after which the members would ask questions.
• Copies [paper] were presented of the proposal. A detailed time line from the first decision to proceed, through 2 planning meeting with South Norfolk, to the final plans, was shared.
• All question asked were fully answered.

The Chairman thanked Mr Small for the presentation.
Members then voted on the proposal …the meeting was in unanimous support for the proposal.
Planning Application 2019/0375…Accepted

2. Planning Inspectorate to examination of an earlier proposal that was refused by Shotesham Parish Council and South Norfolk Council. As a result of a formal appeal against the decision.re 2018/1059
Three key points were made by the meeting for onward transmission to the Inspectorate.
The decision of Shotesham Parish Council re the original application 2018/1172 is unchanged. It was….
This application could not be supported.
Concern was expressed over a wide range of issues similar to previous submissions on this site. The landscape value of this hillside and the valley, its proximity to the common, poor design of the building, no reports on the ‘small building re bats etc ,

• Since that decision the parish council has actively supported the review of the Shotesham Conservation Area. South Norfolk Council has included the site in the Conservation Area which further mitigates against the proposed development.

• There have been numerous applications to develop this site and all have been refused.
It is hoped/expected that all relative documentation from previous applications is
placed before the Inspectorate.

NB Next meeting [full] 4th of April. Meeting at 7.30pm at the Trinity .J K Gough, The Clerk