PC Minutes 24/4/17

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Minutes of the meeting of Shotesham Parish Council held at the Trinity Hall at 6.30pm on 24th of April 2017.
In attendance were …, H Jackson, J Nott, M Dyke. Apologies from S Dinsdale, K Dyke plus DC F Ellis
1. Minutes of 6th of April were accepted and signed as a correct record.
2. Planning Application

• 2017/0789 New Bungalow at Upgate Green [variation].
The application was accepted with no objections
• 2017/0825 replacement outbuildings [variation]
The application was accepted without objection.
• 2017/0841
The application was accepted.
A number of points were made.
• There is no mention in the application of the footpath FP7 [Howe/Shotesham] running from the highway, through the edge of the barn site and into the narrow wood. The Parish seeks reassurance that the free access to the path continues as at present.
• The ecological report is fully supported. It is pleasing to note that the local environment will be improved with the creation of the conversion and by following the guidance of the report.
3. Urgent Business.
Footpath F7. The footpath sign is no longer in place at the Grub Street start of the footpath. Members agreed that steps will be taken to install a replacement sign.

The Clerk,
Shotesham Parish Council