Parish Council Minute – 3/11/16

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Minutes of the meeting of Shotesham Parish Council held at the Trinity Hall at 7.30pm on 3rd of November 2016
In attendance were …, H Jackson, H Walker, M Dyke, S Dinsdale and K Dyke CC A. Thomas.
1. Apologies
Apologies received and accepted from M Riches, J Nott, J Guy and DC Florence Ellis
2. The minutes of the 6th of October were agreed and signed.
3. Planning Application.
Green Hill …………………………..2016/2332
The retrospective application to match the now built garage/shed to the original planning approval for a double garage with significant amendments was accepted.
The following points were made during the discussion leading to accepting the application.
• There was disappointment that the local/Shotesham firm Spider Development Ltd were twice required to meet accepted planning practice by the intervention of the Parish Council. Firstly, by being required to submit a planning application for the main bungalow refurbishment. Secondly, by having to make a retrospective application for the garage when it was not constructed to the plans Spider Homes Ltd submitted and were approved.
• By default the current building is slightly smaller and in a small way helps make the building less dominant for the neighbouring property.
• The sloping floor of the cart shed was unusual but presumably meets ‘Building Control’ approval. It was therefore not felt to be a concern for the Parish Council in the case.
4. Updates.
Market Lane . H Walker shared his discussions with the meeting [held as a parishioner/local householder] with Highways. Again the Highways team have seen, listened, assessed the need and responded in a helpful and positive manner. Henry agreed to share his correspondence. A summary sheet would be compiled and circulated to councillors and neighbours [Mr and Mrs Foulkes.].
Footpath Coordination. The chairman held a positive meeting with the new coordinator Polly Gould.

CC Alison Thomas…Our CC reported on current activity within Norfolk County Council
. A number of points were made …..
• A reading challenge [150 certificates awarded] and writing competition were very successful with a very high standard of work submitted. ‘Percy the Falcon’ being the winning entry.
• Finally GCSE results are above the national average after years of small incremental improvements
• Budget is still a very great concern …present estimates would see a £21million overspend unless serious efforts are made to counter these overspends/incorrect original revenue expectations.
• Trees. Ash dieback is an increasing and ever more serious concern as some trees/boughs are possibly unsafe. A natural concern when located next to Highways and within public spaces such as schools/parks/libraries.
• Devolution. The divided position …with 4 areas opposed makes progress difficult

Next meeting ..7.30pm at the Trinity on 1st of December …Main item .The Budget/precept.