Minutes Jan 19

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Minutes of the meeting of Shotesham Parish Council held at the Trinity at 6.30 pm on 7th of January 2019.

1. Apologies received and accepted from DC F Ellis, CC A Thomas, J Nott, M Dyke, S Dinsdale and Henry Walker.

2. Planning Applications.

The ongoing difficulties in reading and printing sensible size plans is a serious handicap to the parish council.

• 2018/2752 Henstead Cottage
The application was accepted with no conditions.
Nevertheless, there was a concern that care is taken over the external finish of the extension.

• 2018/2754 Henstead Cottage ..Listed building.
The application was accepted.
The extension is not visible from the roadside. There was only one concern re the external finish of the extension

• 2018/2701 Shrublands
The specific conversion of the storage facilities was accepted.
There were concerns that …………..
1. The storage facility originally approved as 2000/0036 with no access to the rough track off Grub Street into the wooded area.
Currently double gates are now in place….though no evidence of planning approval…which would allow access.
2. There are now locked metal gates erected to protect the area of the ‘Jacksons ’ storage sheds from unauthorised entry. No doubt this will have been resolved with Mr Jackson.
3. Not clear whether this application is to be an annex to the main house, a separate house or a holiday let.

The Chairman reported that active steps were being taken to seek ‘Community Asset’ status for The Globe.

The next full meeting will be at 7.30pm at the Trinity on February 7th 2019