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Minutes of the meeting of Shotesham Parish Council held at the Trinity Hall at 7.30pm on 6th of April 2017.

In attendance were …, H Jackson, J Nott, J Guy, M Dyke and K Dyke plus DC F Ellis

1. Minutes of 20th of March were accepted and signed as a correct record.

2. Planning Application
Kings Farm Barn… 2017/0739
The application was refused.
The following points were made…………..• No attempt has been made to blend the roof with surrounding properties …should consider local pan-tiles…the present industrial style roofing does nothing to enhance the area.
• Facilities provided in the 2 separate conversions lend them to becoming 2 separate independent buildings ….would prefer to see both building interconnected.

3. The Trinity.
a). The Chairman reported the most generous offer by The Mercers Company of use of the ‘back room-the erstwhile Office’ to the Parish Council .This was very happily accepted. The present first draft of the agreement with The Mercers will be reviewed and any comments/additions forwarded to The Mercers. Access to room/keys will be strictly controlled.
b). The Chairman reported that very encouraging discussions were held in regards to the possibility of a small area being made available within the site of The Trinity to allow the creation of an ‘activity’ space for village children. A follow-up discussion with The Chairman Sir Alexander Graham was also encouraging. Sir Alexander asked that a detailed letter be written setting out exactly what was required. The letter and the request would be given careful consideration. No promises were made. Nevertheless it was most encouraging.

4. Annual Parish Meeting/Annual General Meeting will take place at 7.30pm on Thursday May 11th.

5. Urgent Business.
• Defibrillator training. A number of people have requested a re-run of the defibrillator training etc. The PC readily agreed to facilitate another training day. Kim Dyke agreed to make the necessary contacts and to acquire a number of potential dates.
• Moles. A direct approach to Mr M Harrison to be made to reduce/eradicate the moles on the playing field.

DC Florence Ellis ………………..
i). Asked for help from the Parish Council to identify households with ‘weak’ broadband connectivity. A list is to be compiled to allow Florence to raise the matter on our householders behalf with SNDC. This was very much welcomed by the Parish Council.
ii). Reminded the meeting that the new ward boundaries are soon to be finalised. Any comments need to be submitted very soon.

The Clerk,
Shotesham Parish Council