Heritage 23 Springwater Cottage

No 23                          Springwater Cottage


The cottage dates from the early 18th century and is of clay lump and timber frame construction.

Until 1920 it was one of many Shotesham properties belonging to the Shotesham Park Estate.

At the auction on 26th February 1920 when the Estate was largely broken up, Springwater Cottage was sold as two properties to Miss Fellowes for £95. One cottage comprised one bedroom, one living room, washhouse, pantry and wood shed. The other comprised three bedrooms, two living rooms, washhouse and wood shed.

From 1931 to 1964 part of the cottage served as the village Post Office and was run by Mrs Cross. In addition to the usual groceries, clothes and shoes were also sold.

The property remained two distinct properties until 1979 at which time it was converted into one house.

Until mains water was connected in the fifties, water was carried from the spring which is still visible across the road on the common. Hence the name Springwater Cottage.