Heritage 20 Cottages on the Common

No 20                                    Cottages on the Common

 1 Brookfields

Who could wish for a more idyllic setting than this property situated on the common.

It was originally 2 cottages, the one on the right was built in the late 16th century and the other cottage was added in the 18th century.

The picture shows how the property looked in 1900 and the baby shown was Mr Stanley Sutton who passed away some 6 years ago.  You can see the two distinct entrances to each property but it is now one home.

The site was also the local dairy.  At the time you could buy a pint of milk for 1d.

2 Flora Cottage

Flora Cottage and the Cottage were possibly originally one cottage.  A typical Norfolk red brick and tile estate worker’s cottage.  Flora Cottage was bought by the sitting tenant, Sidney Larter when the Shotesham Park Estate was sold in 1920. It was extended in approximately 1930 when a new sitting room, bedroom and bathroom were added.

The photograph is of the twin sons of Flo and Sidney Larter, Jack and Sidney, taken in about 1926 before the extension was built.

In recent years the present owners have sympathetically renovated and extended the property, retaining many original features, including some oak window frames.  The cottage still has its original well, which is soon to be restored with a new pump.