Heritage 16 Tudor House

No 16                               Tudor House

Dating from at least Tudor times, and perhaps as early as the 13th century, the thatched cottage is thought to have served as the first rectory to Shotesham All Saints church.  The size and position of the largest chimney indicate that the “cottage”was once considerably larger and it is believed that part of the house was burned down in the 17th century.

Robert Fellowes, the squire of Shotesham, was responsible for building the Victorian schoolhouse in 1874, for the benefit of village children.  Ist remained in constant use with varying numbers of pupils until its closure in 1982.  The well kept records show that Miss Annie Best was the first headmistress in 1894 and by all accounts she was a strict disciplinarian.  It was said “that she would hit you anywhere with her nuttery stick full of knots “, sending for the parson to deal with the miscreant when she failed.