Footpath update

Shotesham Footpaths

We are very lucky to have 21 footpaths in and around Shotesham. We all know walking improves our physical and mental health and recent research suggests walking improves brain health and memory. We can exercise our dogs and generally enjoy the wonderful views and nature along the way. In short the paths are a wonderful village asset. Keeping the paths open and easily walked doesn’t happen by magic. For the most part the footpaths are in good order,thanks to the farmers, landowners and footpath carers keeping the paths clear.

The footpath carers are villagers who have volunteered to look after a particular path, to walk it on a regular basis and report any problems, for example broken stiles. or overgrown areas. Many of the carers trim overhanging brambles and work to make sure the paths do not fall into disrepair.

Each year, at the end of July beginning of August we conduct a survey and review the state of the paths. The survey is passed to the Parish Council who work with the landowners, farmers and County Council to rectify any identified areas of concern. Some things are easily rectified whilst others,for example the bridge at Joy’s Loke, take a long time to sort out. But many of you have already noticed we have a nice new bridge there at a cost of £ 3000, so all the effort proved worth while.
If you would like to be part of the informal group who look after the paths as a footpath carer, or you want to report a problem with a footpath please contact