Best price oil buying

Since moving to Shotesham in July 2015, I have been investigating the best way to buy heating oil and, having asked a few villagers, it appears a number of people are looking for a best practice approach.

My experience (whilst still somewhat brief) is that an ‘oil club’ is the best route, but this isn’t always what it appears to be, you don’t have to stick with only one and can normally research a number when you’re ready to buy.

The last one I used was The (NR15 1), but also looked at and, only pence/litre (or even less) difference, but when you’re ordering 1000 litres it does make a difference (especially when you’re Scottish I hear you say!).

By visiting the different websites you can also see their historic prices (which can vary slightly depending on the volume ordered), and on some of the sites you have to provide some detail or ostensibly ‘join the club’, but with no commitment.

Delivery dates have some limitations but they do provide some degree of flexibility, obviously they save money by delivering to a few addresses in the same area at the same time. This also means your tank has to be accessible for at least a medium sized lorry.

I also tried a few individual suppliers but they were always more expensive (individual delivery) even though it was one of the individual ones I tried who eventually delivered our oil (but on a collective basis).

Think that sums it up, but if you have any further queries you can make contact via the ‘contact us’ button on the main menu. Happy hunting 🙂