All Saints Church Hill Meadow

This is the third year that Church Hill has been looked after for the benefit of wildflowers and other wildlife. We hope that you will agree that it has looked better for everyone this year. After some teething problems in year one we have aimed to keep the drive up to the church cut and tidy and have left wide paths along the top for walkers and picknickers. Next year we hope to plant an annual wildflower mix on the left hand side of the drive as you walk towards the church. This should be bright and attractive and good for insects.

The cutting regime seems to be working well for wildlife, with many more wildflowers on the hillside. You may have noticed how the patch of Harebells is extending and some less common plants are doing well. Examples are Clary on the roadside bank and Meadow Saxifrage which has returned to the top of the hill near the war memorial. Worth watching out for next spring!

Yellow Rattle is becoming established in some areas and should spread. It plays a useful role in a meadow as it parasitizes grass, making it weaker and less rank and so allows the wildflowers to grow more strongly.

We look forward to seeing Church Hill becoming a fine and beautiful meadow once again.

Shotesham Conservation Group