Highway Rangers

The Highway Rangers are coming to Shotesham soon.

If you have any work you would like added to the list (see typical items below) please e-mail us at ketteringhamdepot@norfolk.gov.uk Note: Please could all items of an enquiry type or requiring substantial works be sent separately for the attention of the area highway engineer. Please can you send your requests to us before 22 May 2019.

To help identify them from other enquiries it would be helpful if you can place “RANGER DEFECTS” and your PARISH in the subject field and provide as much information as possible about the exact location and specific concern.

Typical work we do:

  • Side out a carriageway or footway (overgrown grass/weeds or soil encroachment)
  • Strim grass verges
  • Clear verge grips
  • Rod and flush drains
  • Clean out drainage gullies
  • Clean out drainage chambers
  • Rod and flush kerb drainage off lets
  • Wash signs, bollards or reflector posts
  • Minor sign/post repairs (such as straightening and reattaching)
  • Repair minor kerb defects
  • Clear small areas of mud and soil from the carriageway.
  • Soil and seed verges

Typical work we don’t do:

Look forward to hearing from you.