Easter Treasure Hunt 2021

Treasure Hunt Map with clues below….good luck & Happy Easter!

Starting near the church, follow the clues on the Easter Trail. You will find a decorated egg that marks the stops. Stamp your map to show where you’ve been.

1st Clue – Across from the church, turn around, this man has no hat, but might wear a crown!

2nd Clue – To find the next clue, you will see – gold old fashioned communication will be the key

3rd Clue – Ducks love to play here and the spiders stay in 5-star luxury

4th Clue – If you fancy a glass of something you don’t need to travel round the world to get it

5th Clue – Where Naiden’s lane meets the Street, you can get a view of the beck

6th Clue – Stand and play poo sticks but be careful not to fall in

7th Clue – Go up the hill past the table and chairs. No time to sit! Look for the green box where you can buy hen eggs. This one is not for sale

8th Clue – The man from this wood, is one of three, a pile of stones lay, under the trees where he once stood to pray

9th Clue – If you need the doctor, you are at the right place

10th Clue – Near the back door Jimma lies sleeping

11th Clue – Only rooks and jackdaws sing hymns here now

12th Clue – When you find the loke follow your nose to the pig farm. Look for the house with the butterfly on the shed. Its name sounds like flowers and you can spread it on your bread!

13th Clue – At the end of the loke turn right through the gate and follow the path – try not to fall in the dyke or you will come out very wet and smelly. At the bridge don’t wake up the sleepers as they can get grumpy. On the gate at the road the house name might make you think you are in the wrong village

14th Clue – Turn right after the Common and then near the bridge on the road to Saxlingham you will find a footbridge. Who was the famous female warrior from long ago who might have tramped this way?

15th Clue – To solve the last clue, you will need to climb up the steep path to a place of remembrance. What flowers are on the crosses?

Congratulations, egg-cellent, your quest is at its end. To get your treat, put your feet up, for this is where to send. svaeaster@gmail.com